Sunday, November 8, 2009

"T" "R" "E" - 30 minutes of torture!


In the month of October my husband, along with our Tre Tre went to the St. James Art Fair here in Louisville, i seen some MOST AMAZING art there, some of the things that i seen was so amazing i couldn't believe that a PERSON had made it or even thought of it. One of the things that i seen in the photography booths is people taking pictures of random things, like construction or landscaping and the shape of things that create or look like Letters. so i got the big idea to see if my toddler would spell his name with his body. lol it was a 30 minute "SIT DOWN, STAND UP, STOP MOVING, OK DOWN, NO UP, NO WHY ARE YOU MOVING, STAY RIGHT HERE, STOP THAT. COME ON TRE, HOLD YOUR ARMS OUT, ARMS UP,UP, UP... JUST LIKE THAT! NOW DONT MOVE!!!!" geesh it stresses me out just typing about it again! lol but the above pictures were the three that most closely resembled what it was that i was trying to capture. for a two year old, he did pretty good.

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