Monday, January 18, 2010

Tre's first Car Wash

Tre's first automatic car wash experience!
Yesterday i decided while i was out i was going to get my car washed because since all the snow got, i still hadn't gotten all the nasty road salt off my car so i went the lazy way and spent 10 bucks to go through the automatic car wash up the road. i had tre with me and I'm pretty sure he didn't enjoy the experience! LOL
The 2nd picture cracks me up and i was laughing my face off at him during the wash but soon after this picture he made a face to me like he needed to be saved... and i being in the front seat couldn't get to him - i told him it was alright and he still looked worried and said "tre scared" so for the rest of the car wash i held his hand still trying to explain what was going on but he was still making this terrified face. he seemed to calm a bit after i told him "it's like when mommy or daddy take a shower; it's just like a bath but a little louder."

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