Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Who is that?

So there was this thing called "way back week" on facebook last week. you were suppose to put old pics of yourself on there from way back in the day. so i put one up of me in middle school that was just one that i had on there from putting all the old embarrasing school pics up! haha my dad put this pic on his profile, it's me from 1981 i guess i would be roughly around the same age as Tre is right now. bout 2-ish. i think it looks alot like tre. so because my baby is really good at recognizing himself in pictures i decided i was going to ask him who it was.

So i put the picture up on the computer and told tre to come here and tell me who this is... he came down and i pointed to it and said "who is this?" he stood there without saying much and i heard him pronouce the "T" sound like he was getting ready to say tre but he was thinking about it like that's not tre... lol so i asked him, is that Tre? he said NO. lol DANG can't fool him huh!? so i guess though it may look alot like him... it's not enough for him to think it does. LOL owell.

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