Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"i got POOPS"

My kid and potty training - BLAH!

lol he is doing ok by now but really it's only at school where he pretty much stays dry, he has his days.

But the big thing is: he is waiting for nap time or when he knows he gets a diaper on for nap before he poops.

School says he pretty much takes it upon himself to go to the potty, doesn't ask, just goes... why can't he do that at HOME!?

i know we are getting CLOSE to being potty trained (at least during the day) but dang it... i have a KID on the way!! i can't have TWO in diapers! lol or one in diapers and the other PART TIME in diapers.

i tried the bribary method. told him if he goes poop on the potty that i would give him a sucker. so he went poop on the potty and i gave him a sucker. so now everytime he goes to the potty he farts and thinks he should get a sucker... geez! i keep telling him that you have to make a poop before you get a sucker... and LORD dont fart around the kid... lol he tells ya if you poop on the potty you'll get a sucker! hahah thanks buddy.

i dont know what it is about poopin on the potty but it seems like everyone i have talked to says that their kid does or has done the same thing. i mean two people i know with older kids still have poop problems... STILL!! talking about having to give them enemas and stuff so they are forced to poop yet they still hold it in.... WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!?!? lol i mean if i gotta go, i go! these kids are crazy to be holdin poop, for WHAT!? control? lol screw that - tre lil belly was hard as a ROCK the other night because he was in his underwear all day and refused to poop on the potty... this is wearing me down... or maybe it's the baby in my belly that is wearing me down.. WHATEVER it is... something has to give - im so TIRED! lol

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