Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day!

Fathers day weekend was a busy one as are most holidays, traveling from one family to the next but it's always a good time. i love our families! i love my in-laws! NO SERIOUSLY - I DO!!

To the father of my children:
i love that our son looks up to you figuratively and literally!
i love the way you kinda light up when Tre does something that resembles you or wants to dress like you
i love the way you let Tre help you cut the grass.
i love the way you make your son smile and laugh
i love the way you walk in the door from a rough day at work you are all smiles when you see Tre and of course Tre's reaction to you coming home.
i love the way that when Tre has gotten in trouble and when I'm about to lose it, you take Tre aside and try to explain why mommy is upset and your so calm with him.
i love when you are playing with Tre and it's just the two of you and you think no one else is around or looking... you totally turn into a big kid.
i love that we have made a daughter so that not only will your son look up to you and strive to be like you but you will have a daddy's girl that i know you will always protect. (PROBABLY OVER PROTECT but it's better than the alternative!)
i love the person that you are when you are with your son.


posted late but had to get the pictures up here and of course there is this little thing called TIME, i dont have much of it, do you?

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