Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Vocab

Tre and his more adult lanuage is cracking me up.
The other day he was eating something and he said "ohhh mom that is delicious!"

ok REALLY where did it get THAT from because i dont even use that word! lol

also uses during conversation...
"I dont think so"
"I guess so"
"I think that'd be alright"
"i dont know"
"im not sure"
"excuse me"

oh and he also quotes the (i think it's the) Best Buy commercial... WOW THAT'S A LOW PRICE! my little booger is so silly!!

Also the child really knows how to work me now a days... he give me flowers and when he wants me to do something for him he always cocks his head so cutely and says "PUHLEEZE.... PUHLEEZE MOM" its the most adorablest thing and i really have to stop giving in to it so quickly cause he is going to think he can do this at every thing!

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