Wednesday, July 28, 2010

28 Weeks check up - THE THIRD TRIMESTER!

Well here I am, 3rd trimester and well on my way to having baby number 2... Babycenter says that if I like most woman i will gain 11 pounds in this trimester... WHOOA! When i went for my check up this morning i had LOST 5 pounds!
Last time i was in there i weighed 160 and this time only 155, whats up with that you say? well it's the diet i am on to control my diabetes!
but it will be worth it... SO WORTH IT when i get to meet my beautiful princess Kaylin!
Dr. Scobee said the pregnancy and the baby are still looking great, my measurement from pelvic bone to sternum was perfect and her heart rate great (although i forgot to ask what it was) it sounded like it was a good pace, and STRONG!
They went ahead and scheduled the ultra sound i was suppose to have around 32 weeks for Aug 10 so we can see if the placenta has moved away from the cervix. I hope that it has! and i hope that it detaches easily during child birth, if it doesn't i can expect some heavy bleeding... ughh just one more thing to worry about out of all the possibilities!!
Whew... seems like ever since we found out what baby girl is, time has been FLYING by -
my August calendar is so freakin full of doctor appointments and classes and meetings etc. the only class i signed up for with Tre was "Labor and delivery" but we never made it because instead of heading to the hospital for the class, we were heading to the hospital to have a baby!!
Back then those classes costed so i lost 30 bucks... THANKS TRE! lol
now the classes are free and i am trying to take advantage of that aspect which is new this time 'round.
i signed up, with a friend, to take the "ABC's of breastfeeding" i think i am going to try a bit harder this time around with the breastfeeding...
i dont know why, maybe its guilt that i didnt do with Tre or maybe i just want to hope that a breastfed baby isn't as sick as Tre was when he was little... whatever it is, i feel more compelled this time to try and REALLY give it a shot.
Tre probably sucked on my nipple less that 60 seconds total before i was like "OK GIVE HIM A BOTTLE" so im going to go to this class and learn how to do something that is suppose to come natural and suck it up!!!
(at least for a few weeks)
Other classes i have signed up for are infant CPR cause i was and am terrified of a child choking and Sibling class so we can do whatever it takes to make Tre feel special and not unwanted.
i really think Tre (as loving as he is) will make a great big brother and will love his sister but i dont want to take any chances that WE, being mark and i say or do something to make him feel less important without us knowing we did that. Not that we WOULD but you know... just gonna be prepared the best way we know how!

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  1. I didn't even attempt breast feeding. I had Mik at 129pm, I didn't see her until almost 1130 that night. Literally EVERYONE seen my kid before they would let me because of my blood pressure. I was so mad.. lol it was probably high cause i was pissed.. haha that was the main reason i never did it, but i didnt wanna try it regardless.. it just seemed like its really hard to succeed at. So don't take it as a failure if you can't do it, alot of people just aren't able also. Good Luck to ya tho, I hope your able to. They say it's better for the baby. =0)