Friday, July 9, 2010

He got the pink eye

So Tre has had a snotty nose for a couple / few days now, this is the first time since the beginning of spring that he has been sick and I'm not really sure where he got it from, although we have been around a mass load of people since it was the holiday over the weekend.
It hasn't caused any disrupting events, such as Tre acting sick or not looking like he feels good or running a fever or anything like that.... until this morning when he woke up with BOTH eyes crusted together.

poor thing tried for like 5 minutes to open his eyes, rubbing them and picking at them until i finally decided it wasn't just regular ol' morning eye boogers and told him i would go get something to wipe them clean... when i come back and start getting to work on those crusties i told him to be still so i could help his eyes and he said
"OH GREAT... i got boooogers in my eyes!"

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