Monday, August 16, 2010

Cutting the baby's toes off!!

Last week we were all sitting in our bedroom all cuddled up, having a lazy evening after a hard day of work when Mark got up and started grooming his finger and toenails so while he was at it, Tre, in usual Tre fashion gets in front of him and says "what you doin?" Mark says I'm clipping my toenails and Tre said "you hurt you?" and mark says no it doesn't hurt let me show you.... BAD MOVE!
Tre starts out in marks lap and mark starts to clip his toes, he is fine for all of about 30 seconds and the tells him "no, no, it hurt" and mark is steadily trying to tell him no it doesn't hurt, watch. well an episode that should have taken 3 minutes OR LESS took about 10 minutes and consisted of my kid flailing on the bed and crying like he was being murdered or maybe mark was trying to take a whole TOE instead of just a nail, i dont know.
BUT by the end of it, Tre was so pitiful that he was just laying there no longer struggling to get out of marks grasp and he was crying and then he let out the most awful sounding "momma" i have ever heard, like momma please save me I'm being killed and so i try to comfort him and let him know it's alright and i guess it wasn't good enough for him because then he lets out the same cry 'cept it was "nana" this time. Finally i told mark that was enough and mark got up and said alright I'm done stop faking and I'm like mark he isn't faking he is crying real tears and he is all sweaty and everything. i held him in my arms like a baby for about a minute and a half until he stopped crying about his toes hurting and asked him if i kissed them would they be better, he said yea, so i did and it was all better after that. but you could tell that for whatever reason... he was truly scared to have his toenails cut. POOR BABY!! :o(

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