Thursday, September 16, 2010

From Tre's Mouth.

Talking about School and how much his old teacher Ms Rose luvs Tre and how much Tre loves ms rose
i said: "Ms Rose sure LUUUVS her some Tre..."
to which tre replied: "Him SUUUURE luv her candy box!"


While sick with a fever and off from school Tre came to work with me last week.
when looking at a Monet painting hanging on the wall here at work Tre said... "look! little Einsteins. with the worm"
i guess that same painting was on an episode of the little Einsteins - he is so smart! only thing better would have been if he said the name of the painting! my little GEENIE-US haha
OH and speaking of our little SMARTY PANTS...
everytime we come up on a stop sign he says
"look mom another octogon says STOP!"

new favorite movie: Transformers 2 but he calls it "Transformis"
I polled my facebook friends and asked if it was bad parenting that my 3 year old likes this movie and i let him watch it, it's kinda violent!
at least 5 people reassured me that their kids were into something of the same type of movie or game so i didnt feel as bad afterward.
lol i still feel it's a little violent for him.


He calls Pre-School "Prayschool" lol
i LOVE when he says it.
"mommy i can go to prayschool tomorrow?"
followed by - "who dat gonna pick me up?"
he longs for his nana to come pick him up from school but always smiles and grabs my hair when i say "i am" frequently followed by "MOMMA I LOVE YOU" he such a freaking SWEETIE!!


Talking about Kaylin getting big in my belly and when she is going to come out.

Tre says:

i repeat what he said to me like i didnt understand and he said it again
with big hand gesture toward my belly
"OHHH so you think she is going to break mommys belly when she comes out?" "yeah" he said...
so i told him not to worry that she will not break mommy when she comes out. lol i love how kids minds work.


and for the past couple of weeks, he keeps talking about santa claus already! "Santa Clause gonna bring me Iron Man"
im like i really wish i knew what KIND of iron man he is talking about...
it'd make it a little easier on SANTA CLAUS, no?
well that's all i have for now... im sure there will be MORE TO COME especially when his sister comes!

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