Friday, December 31, 2010

First Sick Visit

Took Kaylin to the doctor today because of a cough that sounds a little deeper now i am worried about it going into pneumonia since tre had it at 3 months it makes me a little paranoid for her to have a cough that is deep enough to choke her up and for her to be gaging trying to cough it up, just doesn't sound right to me. so even though she didn't have a fever and wasn't acting sick otherwise, i took her to the doctor because i didn't want it to get worse over the weekend and not have the doctor be open.
First of all she weighs 11 pounds now... she is filling out very nicely! lol
Second she has broncolitis but no pneumonia, no medicine either tho so it was kind of a wasted trip. ughhh o well i know that she doesn't have pneumonia now so that's good.

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