Thursday, February 3, 2011

Update on Kids thru Facebook Status'

Baby Girl Update:

"Kaylin holdin her own bottle!January 12 at 6:39pm"

While i was feeding her i looked down and she looked like she was holding her bottle, i let go and Oh my goodness, she WAS actually holding it! aww

"Just seen Kaylin roll over for the first time!! Such a big girl!!January 16 at 9:32am via Text Message"

She is rolling over!! yep! She rolled from her belly to her back all by herself and very unexpectedly for the first time - luckily she was on the FLOOR for some tummy time and just went on over ,i think it surprised her too but i put her back on her belly to see if she would do it again and before i could grab my camera and turn it on.... there she went!! rolled over AGAIN!!! such a big girl! and just a few days later i posted THIS....

"Baby Girl is trying to roll from her back to her belly now.. Ugh at this rate she is gonna be crawling in a couple months!"

January 25 at 6:30pm via Text Message

gosshhh they really do just grow too damn quick!

Baby girl is 16 weeks old and one day. she is getting so big so fast! last time we took her to the doctor - about a week ago, she had her FIRST ear infection... her brother was three years old before he had his first ear infection! :o( but at that time she weighed 11 pounds 10 ounces - almost 12 lbs, my big ol' 12 pound turkey! haha she is such a people person, she always lights up when people talk to her - she gets this big ol grin that totally makes my heart smile! *how do you know when your heart is smiling, you may ask? well for me it's when even when i DON'T want to smile or don't want to SHOW my smile, i can't HELP but smile, one of those smiles that is so hard to wipe off... there is NO HIDING IT!* she giggles when tickled and is so sweet when she is in my arms and I'm not paying attention to her figuring she is probably asleep, only to look down to see the biggest most beautiful almond shaped baby blues look at me so intently... it's like she isn't looking at me she is looking at my SOUL! i heart my kaylin faith!

Baby Boy Update:

"Excited that Tre slept in his undies all night n woke up completely DRY!!! Yay!!"

January 22 at 9:19am via Text Message
he actually only slept in his undies because he went to bed and we forgot to get a diaper and put it on him. lol we usually ALWAYS put a diaper on him because for ONE: he sleeps with us so yeah.. i don't want pee on my back! lol and TWO he pees BOAT loads during the night... so i don't know if it was just a fluke or what but yeah... first time EVER he slept with undies and woke up dry! haven't tried it since but i thought it was a pretty exciting thing!

lol he says some of the funniest things sometimes! ...and SWEET!

"Mommy, you have to go to work to get the monies to get the grapes from the walmart cuz i love them, right?" LOL 3 year old with work ethics!

January 31 at 5:28pm via Text Message ·

Yesterday we were going to go out to dinner with Beth and Matt so we were going to drop Kaylin off so we could enjoy the meal... haha but we figured since we were dropping her that tre would definitely want to stay because he can't be having sister stay at nana and pawpaws and him not be there... JUST NOT GONNA HAPPEN! lol he DITCHED us couple weeks back to stay with nana and pawpaw and we were going SLEDDING! i mean... REALLY? Nana and pawpaw TRUMP SLEDDING!?!?

so anyway i told him he was gonna go to someones house and wouldn't tell him who, i was making him guess... i told him he was gonna go see his favorite person in the world and he said who, i said WHO IS YOUR MOST FAVORITEST PERSON IN THE WORLD? he said... umm. umm.... ummmmm.... mommy and daddy? LOL awww thats so sweet... but no that's not where your going! lol i said who is your 2nd most favoritest person in the world? he said, baby sister? lol i was like OK who's your THIRD most favoritst person and he said NANA? i said, YAY that's right your going to NANA's!! :o) he is so sweet!

he has been doing pretty good at school - behaviour wise we had a little issue a few months back where he was getting yellow lights and behaving less than GREAT! but since then he has been doing awesome. still acts like a DONKEY when he is tired but i guess that is too be expected, he IS however only 3 years old.

for the past few months or so i have had several people question Tre's age, and when i tell them he is 3 they seem surprised and i have heard "he doesn't look like he is 3" "he acts older than that and talks better, using big words and stuff" "he seems more mature than just 3" which all of these kinda surprised me at the time but since hearing it from so many different people it has made me take a step back and think about it and YEAH, my kid is pretty good for being 3 but i EXPECT him to be good and he KNOWS that i expect this from him. He also has pretty good idea of concepts that you wouldn't really think a 3 year old would have... that smarts probably comes from his daddy - he is a very smart boy and catches on to things so quick!

i am so very proud of him and the little person that he has become and curious to see whats next for him but and very very happy for this moment! the moments when i know that he is still my baby boy even tho he tells me he is a big boy, "BIG AND STRONG" he says, the moments when he will come sit in my lap and grab a hand full of my hair, the moments when he still needs his momma to hold him or love him just a little bit longer (makes my eyes tear up just thinking about it) the moments when for no reason at all and totally out of the blue he says "i love you momma" and the moments when he wants momma to hold him and even tho it breaks my back i wouldn't give anything in the world more importance than that, at that very moment.

Momma update:

"Sooo yeah... I got on a scale for the first time since Kaylins 2 week check up n i was right! I have gained 12 pounds over this 3 month period! I so need GYM!!!"
January 21 at 12:07pm via Text Message

ugh... i feel like a cow - i so need to get to my work out routine ASAP but i just keep finding reasons not to... like my gym having crap for classes now and i super HATE just walking a treadmill or something like that. BLAH! plus im so outta shape i did the biggest loser wii game the other night with mark and i am seriously SORE right now! lol so LAME! lol i only have 5 months until we go to Florida on vacation and i need to get this weight off of me NOW! lol ugh. other than that things are great, being a mother of two isn't as horrific as i previously expected, granted she isn't mobile yet... but by the time that happens tre should be really good at listening and understanding appropriate running off etc. lol lets HOPE! he is a great big brother tho... he helps me with his sister and loves singing with her and playing patty cake, i believe he lights up just like she does when he gets her to smile at him... i never imagined myself with 2 children but i cant see myself any different now, i can't even remember what it was like NOT to have children and honestly, i don't want to this is what i was meant to do, this is where i am suppose to be right now, at this very moment, i am doing what God intended and i couldn't be more proud right now of both my babies or of our family as a whole.
We are So Blessed!!
nothing but happiness in my heart and it's because of the 3 of them!!

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