Thursday, March 17, 2011

First Food n First Golf Outing


Baby girl has been eating rice now for a WHILE... i started her the same time i started Tre which was around 13 weeks or so... Tre went for the spoon immediately, Kaylin on the other hand waited it out for a lil bit... from 13 weeks until 21 weeks she was just eating her rice in her bottle before bed time.

Tuesday she had her first taste of real food... CARROTS!

she loved em.. kept leaning forward when i would go to scoop more on the spoon like she was being impatient. lol SO CUTE!

my baby girl is getting so big, she rolls over from her belly to back really EASY and from her back to belly fairly well... she gets on her belly and raises both her arms and legs like she is flying, getting STRONG! she can just about sit up on her own, she needs VERY LITTLE support. she has been doing breathing treatments 2 times a day for a while which have been doing her a LOT of good! but now she has a head cold her poor little eyes were so red and watery last night; plus she had snot running like crazy! poor thing!

on the Tre update:
he has been doing good - he was on a super long "GREEN" light run at school, meaning his behaviour has been great but just this week, MONDAY he got an attitude with his teacher and threw a chair... REALLY? honestly i think he didn't feel good or was tired but i can't even try to validate that one. lol im like when i get MAd... do i throw chairs? he said no i said ok so what does that tell you? he said.... i don't know. LOL NICE! I DONT KNOW being his favorite response for everything! especially when he is being disciplined. ughh isn't that a TEENAGER move? lol jeez!

he has soccer orientation this Saturday and his first game the following Saturday so SOCCER is back in season, even tho we said we weren't going to let him play a sport until he asked... we held him back so he would be playing in the same age group as last year hoping that this will get his confidence up a little... WE'LL SEE!! hope i didn't waste another 67 bucks! ha :o)

he has taken an interest in golf... I'm sure because he knows that's the sport he can play and practice with dad but he even went out on the golf course with mark and played for the first time and Mark said he actually did pretty well... as far as behaving goes!! yay for that!

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