Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kid Pics updates

I know it has been a crazy long time between updates here... my apologies. i have been super busy with the new photography business and of course the (now) 10 month old that is crawling around begging for everyone within a 30 foot range to give her attention. She has been crawling for a while now, getting around great. She crawls with EXUBERANCE now her hands and knees slapping so hard on the hardwood floor, she definitely turns heads! ha

she waves hi and bye bye and if it's late and she is getting sleepy and wants to go to bed... if you tell her it's BED TIME and are you ready to go NITE NITE she stops what she is doing and sticks her little hand in the air and waves like... "yep, im ready for bed, bye bye"

the best thing about her right now is picking her up from daycare. when i peek in and she sees me she gets so excited!! if she is sitting she will take all four extremities and move them rapidly up and down like she is saying omg omg mom is here of course she gives me that big ol' baby girl smile that i crave and will crawl over to the door and if someone doesn't get her and give her to me... she starts getting attitude!

speaking of attitude... i was holding her last night trying to get her to be quiet so i could process some photos i had taken in a few sessions this past weekend. she would start getting tiffy so i would give her the paci, she would then be fine. so every now and then she would take it out of her mouth and start huffin and puffin so i would put it back in. LMAO last night she was sitting there whining so i put her paci in her mouth and she took it out and threw it on the ground.. i looked at her like she was CRAZY and picked it up and put it right back in her mouth and the little shitass did it again, like, i dont want it! lol so i smacked her hand and told her NO and she turned her head to stare me down! with her little crinkled eyebrows... those SASSY BROWS are gonna get her in trouble! lol i KNOW when your giving me attitude lil girl! ha

i got a new camera!! DSLR NIKON D7000 with a 18-105mm lens... i HEART it!~

all of the photos above were taken with my 3rd child. i am so excited to shoot with that thing... its so awesome. i love the images that it produces... ahhh im in heaven... where did this expensive camera come from, you may ask... and my answer is... my boss! YES... from my WORK, my boss purchased me a camera to do what i love most... isn't he awesome!!?!? oh my gosh i could have cried when he gave it to me... i was like a child on Christmas morning ready to open the box and play! i have been snapping off shots of everything in my path since! LOVE IT! i am learning how to shoot in manual mode so MOST of the time it's in aperture priority but when i get a person that will sit still in front of me.. it's ON!

till next time

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