Friday, October 23, 2009

Halloween, laugh cry?

So took tre to the gym last night they were having their annual Halloween party - it was pretty fun. on the way there i was trying to get him to say "ey" like "are you a pirate" and instead of saying uh huh like he KEPT saying i said say "EYE" and he would say it after me but never as a response to the question... silly boy! he would however say ARRRR like a growl. lol he is such a cutie, i love the smiles that he gives me on a daily basis! SO ANYWAY -
As soon as we walked in the owner said they were getting ready to start the magic show and to go to the karate room so we did and tre went up to the front to sit where all the other little kids where, right in front of the magician. everyone was having fun and laughing and the magician guy was doing tricks that were really cute for the kids. on this one trick he pulled out this "magic book" he had a spider web on the back of it and when he wasn't looking this little paper spider would creep out of a slot that was cut in the back of the book and wiggle around the spider web... lol it was cute out the magician was acting like he had no clue what was going on as all the kids were yelling and screaming that there was a spider on the book pointing and screaming... lol i looked over at Tre and he had this most awful down turned red face that was just as sad as it could be and big ol' crocodile tears coming down like he was terrified. lol so i had to go sit on the floor with him and let him know that it was alright, fake, you know PRETEND!!!

After the magic show they had all the kids line up and walk around for the costume contest his costume was made by my mother, she did an awesome job but she got her Velcro on sale and we NOW KNOW WHY! lol his poor little boot cover kept coming undone and flapping as he would walk then his little belt started falling off, i was like oh lord... just take it OFF! lol but we went and did the lil kiddie games that they had and left we left but he had a good time when we got to the car he said "fun, mommy" i said yea it was a good time huh?

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