Monday, October 26, 2009

Photo Session From Hell

So since my friend D found out that she was pregnant, we have been all kinds of excited to go and get "the boys" pictures taken, her 3.5 month old and my 2.5 year old. Tre turned 2 and a half yesterday on the 25th, so i wanted to get his pics taken regardless if Seth was in them or not. so i told her this and she decided she would come and put him in the pics - i couldn't wait, thought it was going to be too cute!!!
i went to old navy bought him a onsie and tre a shirt that coordinated and set up the appointment with coupon in hand and everything. long story, short, we end up being late - get to walmart have to wait an hour or something like it Baby was GOOD the whole time right up until our name got called to go back. UGHHH waited to long. so we both try to calm him down so we can get at least one pic in... but no go. i know we tried like 4 or 5 times puttin him on the table and he freaked out everytime, this started freakin tre out and he kept saying hold you hold you and i was like no baby we are going to wait a minute to see if seth wants to get his pictures taken, ok? he was ok with that but he was freaked out that the baby was freakin. well d gets pissed because it isn't going well and decides to take him out of the studio to see if that will help she said just go ahead and do tre and walked out. few minutes late she comes back in and starts grabbin shit and cussing walmart and "that's ok we're going to JCPenny this weekend anyway, fucking walmart, stupid..." blah blah blah so she gets more pissed by the minute and im trying to get tre's pics done so we can hurry up and get out of there because she is showing her ass. then i hear her say - "...and my best friend is only concerned with HER child..." i just stopped for a moment and was like... um yea should i just drop my child and come RUSH OVER and help you while you are throwing a fit? DOUBT it.
so eventually she leaves, tre settles down and we finish our photos, they turned out pretty cute too - i decided i should call her to see if she and seth are ok cause he was crying like there was something wrong and i didnt know if maybe he hurt his head or something on the little spot they had set up for him or what so i called and asked if she was ok she said "aw we're fine i just think it's RIDICULOUS that i was standing there looking like an IDIOT with no fucking help" i didnt say anything at that point because i could tell she was still pissed about it so i was like well i just calling to see if yall were ok, my battery is getting ready to die. she said "we're fine." i said ok, bye. that was the end of the situation. but i have pretty much been thinking about it all day and night and even had some messed up dreams in regards to it.
my thoughts on it are this...
* maybe if you wasn't acting like an idiot you wouldn't have FELT like one and therefore i probably would have been more inclined to help you rather than IGNORE YOU.
* when my husband starts acting like that (throwing a fit, cussing and generally making himself look like an ass) i IGNORE IT. so that's what i was doing to her because i think that the way she was acting was not called for. maybe if walmart did something WRONG to us or something it might have been warranted... but otherwise, it was OUR fault we were late, not theirs.
* when my child was small like that i was able to get all of my shit together and still hold my child at the same time, grant it i dont know if she was talking about me not helping her with the baby or the shit she needed to pick up to leave or both but either, or, i would have been able to do ON MY OWN but there again because she was throwing a fit... all her actions were more intense causing her to drop stuff (my problem? no)
* if the tables were turned and it was my child freakin out i wouldn't have EXPECTED help from her to get out of there. i would have tended to my child while gatherin my stuff and left without cussing everyone and their momma for having just been around.
* i am SICK of being everyones "pawn" to dump their shit on. just because your having a rough time doesn't make it MY FAULT. Why can't people be responsible for their actions and stop blaming other people just so they can feel better about the situation.

SOOO... i spent 15 bucks on matching shirts and 27 bucks in walmart pictures only to have a couple of good pics of only my child... no seth and no coordinating outfits and to top it off... my friend is pissed off at me because her child wouldn't cooperate. lovely!

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