Friday, November 20, 2009

Is my child "Sickly"

She keeps calling my child "sickley" like he is just sick ALL THE TIME... then said that she wasn't calling him sickly just saying how she was glad she didnt have to deal with a sick baby... bascially cause you cant really deal with an UN-SICK baby, let alone than one with the sniffles.

"Oh ugh yea they need 2 get better so glad "baby S" isnt sickly think i would go crazy if i had 2 deal with a sick baby all the time."

sounds to me like she is referencing TRE to be the SICKLY one and she is glad "baby S" isn't like that.

I texted her back and said...
Tre isn't sickly he just goes to daycare. Be glad that "baby S" doesn't have to go to Daycare.

"I wasnt sayin tre is sickly just sayin im glad i dont have 2 deal with a sick baby all the time. Yes im so glad hes not in daycare!!"

Sounds to me STILL that she is referencing tre to be the sickly one... by saying that she is glad she dont have to deal with it, saying it to me in the time that i am talking about tre getting over a virus means (to me) that she is glad she doesn't have deal with what i have to deal with... or maybe i am just being to touchy about this whole thing...

Basically she has said that to me since tre was very small, "i'm glad i dont have to deal with a sickly baby or i HOPE i dont have to deal with a sickly baby"

Cause i know when i have said... "im glad i dont have to deal with a crazy baby" i was meaning that they had the CRAZY BABY and i had a calm baby. lol and tre is calm and i thank god for that laid back child of mine that doesn't mind when he is in a different environment, doesn't mind when momma walks out of the room for a minute and doesn't mind not being held all the time... and by doesn't mind, i mean doesn't CRY! my child LITTERALLY only crys... well NOW when something is wrong but back when he couldn't talk only when he was hungry or tired did my child cry... Tre was and still is the easiest baby i have ever seen. i have been very BLESSED in that aspect... seeing what some of my friends are having to deal with, with their babies is crazy.

ALL THIS BEING SAID: i am pretty sure if tre wasn't the way he is and he was "crazy" or whatever that i would still have no problem dealing with him i mean if we have another child and it is a little crazy baby, of course it'll be harder than tre was but - i'll deal... that's what mommy's do.
im just really tired of the comments that are being made about my child by this person. it has being going on for a while and i guess now that she has a baby of her own it just makes it that much worse for me to hear because i was thinking... wait till she becomes a mom.. she'll stop saying things like that.. because THEN she'll understand how it feels... well that time has come and is present... still no changes tho.

im just REALLY sure that if i was making comments about "baby S" like that... it wouldn't go over well.

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