Thursday, December 3, 2009

So Exciting!

Yesterday when we got home from work and school, I went to the mailbox to get the daily junk n bills like I normally do everyday... but today a SPECIAL letter was in the box from, none other than.... SANTA CLAUS!!! I was so excited for Tre you would have thought Santa wrote the letter for ME!
I came inside and told tre that he got a letter and he said ok - i said, do you know who it's from? he said yes lol i said no you dont it's from SANTA CLAUS... he kinda looked at me funny and i asked him if he wanted to read it and he said in his most cutest excited voice... YES! READ IT MOMMY! so we sat on the couch and read the letter from Santa.
Santa told him that he knew by checking his naughty / nice list that Tre had been a VERRY good boy this year and he was nice to all his friends and family and that he was going to take special note this year that tre wanted a choo choo train. So i guess we'll be looking around the tree this Christmas morning for a choo choo train! :o)
Tre initiated wearing his big boy underwear. (they have Spiderman on them)
for the past couple of night he has taken his pants off and put on these spiderman underwear over his diaper and last night i asked him if he wanted to take his diaper off and wear the underwear for real, like a big boy. He said yes, so i told him that he would have to make sure to go to the potty when he needed to because the underwear were not going hold it like a diaper does, he said ok so we put big boy underwear on!
He had his big boy underwear on for at least 4 hours and only had one accident. I brought his little potty down from the bathroom so he wouldn't have to run all the way up stairs to get to it, and sat it in the living room. told him to be sure to go when he felt potty coming. so i let him do his thing and about 3 or 4 times i seen him over on his potty... he'd pop up when he was finished and would say - I POTTY MOMMA! im like so EXCITED ABOUT IT but not as excited as when....
in the middle of me watching my DVR'd biggest looser episode i look over at my kid who had just sat on the potty and he was holding each side of the potty arm rests and pusshing up like he was hovering over the bowl and grunting... like he was pooping. i thought oh there is NO WAY he is doing that but sure enough... i seen the "play dough factory" at work... and he POOPED ON HIS POTTY!!!!! i was like so freaking excited for him because in the summer when i was staying at home with him before i got my job, we were working on potty training and he was wearing real underwear and all that jazz but he didnt seem that "thrilled" with the idea of pooping on the potty. when i got my job i put him in pull ups and you would have thought we never worked on pottying on the toilet ever! Pull ups were just like diapers to him... so you can imagine my surprise and excitement when i seen him over on his lil potty droppin a DEUCE! :o) hahah YAY~
So i sent him to school with 3 pair of underwear today to see how he will do... if he doesn't do so well i'll just back it back down to just doing it at home after we get back from work and school and go from there.

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