Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sweet Pirate - Ahrgg

So Halloween has come and gone - i can't believe it's already time to shop for xmas. Tre was a Pirate for Halloween this year. It was the first year that he didnt have his costume already planned before October had even arrived. My mother made this costume... tell me how awesome SHE is! lol i love it and tre seemed to like it too although on Halloween night he wouldn't actually wear the hat - dunno how come but he was cute none the less... lol with out the hat though he was almost a good "austin powers" mini me! HAHA because for some reason he wanted to play with the belt more than wear it.

We decided this year we were going to go to the firehouse to trick or treat. We have never done it before because lets face it... although i trick or treated until i was probably 20 i couldnt rightly go up to the fire house with out a CHILD and expect that they would give me candy! haha so our plan was to go to the firehouse then go to the neighborhood just on our street and then go see nana and pawpaw BUT the firehouse was crazy packed and it took us 3 hours to get out of there. but it was fun, tre was doing the cha cha slide and the cupid shuffle and all these line dances, it was TOO CUTE!

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