Thursday, December 17, 2009

Here comes Santa Claus!!

In our neighborhood the Fire Department comes around every Christmas in their big firetrucks and Fire cars and Santa Claus is always on the last truck waving and HO HO HO-ing and throwing candy canes and saying hi to all the kids. This year when we came home from the gym and i had heard Santa in the neighborhood so when i was getting tre out of the car i told him i think i hear Santa Claus, he hopped outta the car so fast and looked up in the sky, just as an airplane was fly over and said... SANTA, LOOK MOMMY SANTA - i had to laugh a little cause it was so innocent and sweet... and told him no baby i think that is just an airplane. so we went inside and instead of doing all of our normal after the gym routine... we waited around to see if Santa was gonna come our way. we waited till it was past our bed time and decided that we needed to go ahead and do bath and go to bed. so i was pretty upset, thinking that we had missed him this year... being the year that tre is into it and knows about it and would have love it... ugh i was so mad - i facebooked about it. lol said if anyone knows Santa at the firehouse make him come back to our street! lol everyone responded that they had seen him here and there and blah blah WHATEVER!! i want my tre to see him come down his street that he lives on! lol
so the next night we are coming home from the store and we get in and all our stuff and i had to go back out to the car to get something and i hear him again... so i run in and get tre's coat on and an umbrella and we come out JUST IN TIME TO SEE him coming down the road, but he turns LEFT instead of RIGHT! DANG!! so we wait around for about 30 minutes outside in the cold rain singing here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus right down summers lane and then we see all the lights and the sirens coming our way!! i tell tre to get ready... cause here he comes... LOOK TRE, HERE HE COMES!!!! HERE COMES SANTA CLAUS.....

i love the look on his face here because it is pure excitement to the MAX! he started getting scared a little bit because the sirens were so loud but as soon as i picked him up and put him on my hip... he had the biggest SMILE ever on his face... he thought it was the coolest!! which is exactly how i knew he would act because he was really into it this year - which is also why i was so disappointed that i thought we had missed him previously. So the whole minute and a half that Santa was on our street... he waved to tre and tre waved back and he said HO HO HO I'll be back to see you Christmas day... and threw down a candy cane. you would have thought this candy cane was a trophy or a cherished prize... lol he was so excited to get that and he wanted to show his nana and pawpaw what he got... but he ATE it before we got there! LOL too CUTE

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