Tuesday, December 15, 2009

No Want It!

"No want it, NO want it school" only to be followed up with a 10 minute BATTLE to get his diaper changed, clothes, socks and shoes on, all the while he is kicking his legs and rolling around... followed by a whining session to get in the car, out of the car to barely arrive on time for breakfast and ultimately a clinging kid while mom is trying to leave him at daycare in the morning... only to be totally LATE for work! ughh
i don't know if you are AWARE of the struggle it is to fight with a 2 year old that early in the morning? but let me just be the one to tell ya... It's not FUN at all and it's not a GREAT way to start your day - aggravation doesn't just magically disappear for me either!

BUT i have found my saviour... my knight and shining armour!!

who might this KNIGHT be, you ask?


Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggety dog!!
Every morning i wake Tre up at 7:30 just in time to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and i don't know what it is.. but after the show, he is so much more willing to go to school in the mornings. he even starts taking off his pj's and diapers because he knows that mommy is getting ready to come in here and tell me to get on the bed so we can get ready!
It's AMAZING the difference in before and after. i mean really!!! mickey mouse is a God Send! lol
I might add - the little trantrums in the morning didn't start until dad got a new shift at work - totally threw tre for a loop because before it was 5 days of the same thing then 2 days of something new then 5 of the same thing and 2 of something new... well now it's one day then something new then 2 days then something new for 3 days... ughh... it really stinks because not only is it throwing his schedule, he is missing his daddy!

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