Tuesday, April 27, 2010

3 Year Check UP

Tre's Daddy took him to the doctor today to get his 3 year check up and vaccinations, he is 38 inches tall now (50%-75%) and is only 31 pounds (50%) he is perfectly healthy and perfectly above average in his speech, behavior and "skills". So the kid is doing good!

We might have to have surgery done on his penis though. since he was circumcised the doctor who preformed the surgery back on only his 2nd day of life, didn't take enough foreskin off so he still has "half a hood" basically he is going to have deal with this half a hood forever and because it "hurts" him to pull it back, we usually don't touch the hood too much so it has cause it to reconnect to the head of the penis. The doctor said we could just be religious about pulling it back so that it separates and stays that way or we could contact a surgeon and have it re-circumcised. I'm pretty torn about this decision because i don't want my child to have to have a surgery for one and two have to have a surgery THERE!! but as he gets older he is going to be more susceptible to this rare skin disease that his daddy has, along with every aunt on his moms side of the family, including his mom. it's call Haley's halo and it affects the "folds" of skin (ie underarms, inner thighs, behind the knee etc) and doesn't have a cure, only things to make it less irritating. it's pretty painful from what i have seen in mark but it is seems to come when he is super stressed out about things. i am praying hard that Tre doesn't grow up and have it but by the odds in his family.... it doesn't look good! Mark was actually the first male to have it in the family, prior to that it was all of KK(marks mom) and her sisters. He was also the first of the 2nd generation to have it. so i am hoping that it skips Tre and we don't have deal with breakouts but IF WE DO: i don't want to have to deal with the fact that he has a "half a hood" on his penis and have breakouts there!! so i am torn on the decision to have a surgery in that area or not and hope that later down the road he doesn't develop this disease!

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