Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Boy is Getting SOO BIG!

My Tre Tre is growing up so fast, I can’t believe that in just 3 short days my lil boo boo is gonna be three years old! THREE!! And that’s not the only reason I know he is growing up… it’s all the things that he can do now on his own and all the things he says like he is a little adult! Like when he said to me yesterday “look at the airplane, mom” that might not SOUND strange to you but it’s so weird to hear him call me MOM and not mommy or momma or something childish like that. I mean I still call my mom MOMMA!! LOL It just sounds so grown up when he ends his sentences with “mom” rather than mommy.
Instead of the ever so cute… “I got poops” he now says “I gotta go poop” (but not on the potty, mind you)
He says his full name when you ask what it is Mark Arms the Third cept it sounds like MACH AHMS DA TURD! LMOA!! I love that!
He also knows his left from his right – I thought that was pretty awesome but I guess that is what he SHOULD know! lol
He is very demanding and knows how to tell you what he wants… but his voice is so darn cute it’s hard to say no! but believe me… depending on the time of day, mood, previous events, etc – I CAN AND WILL SAY NO!! and he SOOO dislikes that word! The child has some big issues on being corrected or disciplined he will swat his hand at you, or act like he is going to kick you, if you continue he will continue and spit at you or do the UGHH grunt that basically in toddler language makes me feel like he is cussing me. He doesn’t do the spitting at me or dad at home because I nipped that in the bud before it became a problem. But he has started doing it at school, Monday and Tuesday of this week when I got to school I had to hear about my child spitting and not at another child but at a teacher! OMG!! Really!?!?!? So yesterday I didn’t get any reports of misbehaver on his part but did have to sign an accident report where another kid just randomly bit him… for NO REASON! Biting is bad to begin with but usually its provoked or during a fight over a toy or something… but this kid was just sitting there one minute and the next had his teeth on my kid!! WTH!?!?

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