Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Newbie update

So mark and I have been talking about boy names again, since we already have our girl name picked (Kaylin Faith) from since Tre was a bean in da belly and we have never ever even talked about boy names because I told Mark back in high school if we have a baby together and it’s a boy I want him to be the third. And so we have our little TRE baby! :o)
We have talked about and like:
Zachary &
Andrew Ryan
Lol and I was joking with him yesterday that we could name him Alexander Luther and call him Lex for short… GET IT!?!? LEX LUTHER!?!? Haha I loved it… he didn’t.

I felt the baby move for the first time Sunday night April 18th and the first day of my 2nd trimester. So that was pretty cool. Mark and I were sitting on the couch watching Parenthood (love that show) and it felt like a fish flopped in my stomach! Pretty neatO!! The baby is about 3 and ½ inches now and weighs like an ounce or something like that but is doing perfectly! Went to the doctor today and the heart beat is still 163, same as last time. I did get to schedule my ultra sound, even though it’s further out than I would have liked. Doctor came in asked me if I had any questions or concerns and I was like YEAH when do I find out what it is? He said only after LAUGHING at me, about 20 weeks, and I said I knew you were going to say that and he says hey at least I’m consistent, right? So I whined and told him… but I have a friend who is due the day after me on October 18th and she gets to find out on MAY 17th!! That’s UNFAIR! He said well… you CAN do it that early but you run the risk of not being able to tell and there are benefits to waiting till 20 weeks. Blah blah blah I pretty much just stopped listening to his reasoning when I figured out I wasn’t going to get my way! LOL and DANG IT if I wasn’t so damn honest and crap I could have had my ultra sound done on the 18th! LOL but NOOOO I had to go and open my mouth and let them know he wanted the ultra sound done 6 weeks out and not 4! GOSH what was I thinking!??! I TELL YA what I was thinking… getting there for my appointment and him looking at me like I somehow weaseled my way into a 17 week ultra sound! Hahaha owell I‘ll just wait 2 extra weeks and be happy that at least I have the DATE to look forward to instead of telling people end of May/early June… I have my doctor pegged, don’t I!?

The nausea has subsided pretty well… EVERYNOW AND AGAIN I’ll get the “gags” and I’ll have to eat a piece of candy to make it go away but it really only happens when I eat big ol greasy meals. The fatigue is finally gone which is GREAT!!! I feel like my old self again! I feel like I could go back to the gym now but gosh I don’t know if I want to renew my little 3month as I go plan just because in 3 months it’s gonna be hot as hell and being pregnant and in a hot stuffy sweaty gym just doesn’t sound fun but I feel like I WANT to work out again now, so I’m kinda torn! I have gain 2 pounds on this doctor visit. On the very first visit I had already gained 5 pounds and on the 2nd I didn’t gain any and on this one I have gained 2 lbs so 7 pounds thus far, isn’t that bad. I just hope with no working out it doesn’t get out of control! It’s just gonna be TOO DAMN HOT for me to be working out pregnant, I barely deal with it when I am NOT pregnant! LOL

COME ON NEWBIE we are all here waiting for you!!

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