Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers Day Weekend

What a crazy weekend… Friday at daycare they had muffins with mom or grandma so I told Tre’s nana and ninny about it so they could join him in the muffin fun since I would still be at work. Nana wanted to take him after the muffin party and keep him for a while till we got off work so she took him and they played and Mark picked him up and Mark let me go to Bingo with my aunt and my cousin.
While at bingo, getting my stuff gathered and waiting for the first game to start, someone starts singing some old country song that I had NO CLUE what it was but my aunt was just singing her little heart out with it so whatever… we were kinda confused as to why they were singing before the games but figured… maybe it’s like their Bingo anthem or something HAHAH and you think that was would have been FUNNY ENOUGH but come to find out… it was the precession for a freaking WEDDING!!! O.M.G. Someone was getting married at BINGO!!! Lol I couldn’t help but think… oh my gosh how redneck is THAT!!?!?? I am not one to make fun of people but damn it, this needs to be poked at just a LITTLE BIT!! So I texted everyone I knew and facebooked about it, getting some most awesome comments! LOL I guess karma didn’t like my poking fun of the newlyweds cause I didn’t win jack!! :o( owell – how often do you get to see a WEDDING AT BINGO?! So I get home and my boys are already in bed and I chill out for a minute and join them.
Wake up Saturday morning to Tre saying… “Mommy, I have sumpting for you” and learned that Tre had already woke up went downstairs to my husband’s “man hole” and got my mother’s day present from school he had it an flowered bag, a nice card with his hand print, a poem and a cute picture of my little booger in it as well as a hand-made flower that was made from tissue paper and a “paper cone cup” it was very sweet to say the least and a perfect way to wake up! When daddy woke up and found out that he had already given it to me he said “BUDDY, you were suppose to wait till tomorrow morning!” to which Tre replies, “I so sahry (sorry), I no mean to” I LOL’d at that for at least 2 minutes cause it was just so cute how he said it and was super serious about being sorry! LOL
Saturday night we go to Anthony’s house to hang out with him, his boy, and his brother while his wife was out for a bachelorette party. Our boys playing together is so cute, Tre drove Micah around in his jeep for a while, Micah was torn between liking it and crying his face off, I think it was because when tre would take off or stop Micah would have his head jerked accordingly so i think he liked it till that happened... but it started to get dark and we took the boys in and I asked Anthony if them playing in Micah’s room by themselves was ok and he said it WAS… we checked on them every 15 to 20 minutes just to make sure they were getting along and Tre wasn’t trying to “take a baby out” or anything, sharing and all that jazz. They played pretty well together so we kinda laxed on the checking on them unless there were “noises” that would cause an eyebrow to raise or something. Hee hee Signs that we should have been checking on would include… Tre coming out of the bedroom with a paci that no one had ever seen or that Micah doesn’t use and random bottles of lotion being placed here and there. When Micah came out of his room with a lotion bottle that he was chewing on and mark said, what does he have in his mouth all three of us parents jumped up to go see what exactly had been going on. First we see that Tre being older than Micah had gotten into his diaper changing table cabinet where all the “baby stuff” was, Tre had gotten into the Vicks and rubbed it all over him and had it all over his hands, while Micah was just grabbing stuff and throwing it all over the place. Somehow butt rash cream was squirted out and Tre and Micah both smelled like vicks for a while! LOL so we cleaned that mess and turn around to see they had gotten into the little storage box that Christy had in his closet from the baby shower and stuff, they had pulled a few things out of there but nothing majorly disturbed so we cleaned that up, scolded the children and went to the checking on them every 10 to 15 minutes this time! it got late so we went home and went to bed.

Woke up Sunday morning to another present and another hand made card by my hunny and child. So cute i had a rocket, race car, rainbow and a bird. Tre had actually helped with the bird and the race car that was pretty cute! open my gift and there are four shirts from the motherhood store! awesome!! we then had to get ready for fish fry out in taylorsville for his family's mothers day and we were out there for too long - tre had a great time cause he was wore out but didn't get a nap till 530ish so he didn't wake up till 745! so i didn't get to see my mom till late and of course with that late nap we didn't want to go to bed at a decent hour either! MADE FOR A CRAPPY MONDAY! :o( but the weekend was good! :o)

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