Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Such a BIG boy!

So we have been working on Tre for the past couple of weeks very “intently” in getting him potty trained… for the longest time he was totally potty trained at school having only minimal accidents and as soon as we get home he would ASK for a diaper and as soon as that diaper was put on he would poop in it, like he had been waiting all day for that diaper to go on so he could do the doo! So I became stubborn about 3 weeks ago about the diaper. He would ask to put it on and I would tell him no because I know that he needs to poop and he can poop in the potty like a big boy! We would go round and round and he would find a way to get out of poopin on the pot but I wasn’t letting up on the diaper biz, I tell at 8 or 830 we can put on a diaper for bed time only and then he will poop in it. So last Monday we came home and just about as SOON as we walk in the door Tre pees on himself and the floor and says uhh ohh I made a mess. So I start harping on him about how he can stay dry at school all day long and as soon as he steps foot in the door he pees and thinks he is getting a diaper, well you better get a new idea because I am DONE! That day I let him run around naked for a minute before I put underwear back on him and told him that he no longer wears diapers, diapers are over with, the only time we put diapers on is for bed time and that’s because he drinks so much Juice when we get home like he is dehydrated or something. I told him that he is going to start pooping on the potty like a big boy because I KNOW he can do it and there is no reason that he should be pooping in a diaper or in his underwear anymore! Well whatever happened during that conversation that was pretty one sided on my part… I think it worked. He for the past week has been going on the pot and going on HIS OWN! Without me having to ask if he needs to go… he just GOES! It’s been great and I’m so excited about it! So now my big boy can pee on the potty… all by his self… standing up even; and we can add poop on the potty… all by his self. I do believe that sometimes it’s a struggle for him to push it out and he gets all nervous about doin it on the potty so I have to bribe him with some candy but hey… I am SOOO WILLING to do that! LOL I don’t want to get my hopes up but I think that my little man is just about potty trained!!! Well… during the day anyway the no diaper to bed is going to be a long time away I believe.
A perfect way to celebrate the potty training endeavor… We got Tre a “BIG BOY RACE CAR BED” so now just as we complete one big boy task we start work on another one. I don’t know how long this is going to take but I bet it’ll be a pretty long excursion we are going to be on! LOL

Night 1 05-15-2010 – was Tre’s idea to sleep in his own bed, and this was even before we got him the race car bed. He was in there for about 15 whole minutes and ran into my bed.
Night 2 05-16-2010 – he stayed in his bed for all of 30 mins this time and was in my bed before i knew it.
Night 3 05-17-2010 - since the night before hadn’t gone well I decided I would stay with him for a while till he went to sleep. He fell asleep after about an hour and I went to bed. I woke up sometime around 4 in the morning and seen that my door was still semi closed and no kid in my bed!! I thought… yay! Then I walk toward my door opening expecting to see a wide open door where he had came out of the room… but nope it was still semi closed also. So I tip toed down the hall, with the wood creaking under each step, get to the door peek around the corner AND…. NO KID!
I immediately freak, because he wasn’t in my bed and he wasn’t in his bed and all I could think about was the fact that we had painted the living room the day before and touch up last night and we didn’t have the baby proof door knob on the door. I just knew I was going to walk down stairs and find the front door wide open and no Tre in sight, my heart sank!! As I ran downstairs to find the front door still closed and locked I finally remembered to breath! Went down to the lower level to find him all snugged up between my husband who frequently falls asleep in the guest room (because he doesn’t like sleeping with Tre) and our fat cat. So I just shut the door and went back upstairs to go to sleep. I asked Mark later when he actually came down there with him and he has no clue. He said he woke up about 2 because he heard “running around” upstairs and when he came out of his room and he heard giggling but peeked upstairs toward Tre’s room and heard nothing. So he thought he was trippin and went back to bed. About an hour later, same thing little foots running around upstairs and giggling but when he came out of his room it stopped so I think Tre was “TRYING” to stay in his room but couldn’t actually go to sleep. So sometime between marks three o’clock wake up and my four o’clock wake up, he ventured his way downstairs to daddy and bizkit. When he woke up this morning he so wanted to put a sticker on his incentive chart he fell to pieces when I told him he didn’t stay in his bed all night… I was like ITS OK BUDDY!!! We’ll just try again, ok? LOL poor thing, I think he tried really hard, but just couldn’t get his self back to sleep. Any Suggestions??

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