Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rotten Bed Theif

I was all kinds of excited yesterday when i woke up to find my 3 year old sleeping in his own bed, in the same bed that i laid him down the night before...

of course HIS bed is in our room but HE DID SLEEP IN IT ALL NIGHT!!

i felt relieved that maybe this CAN work, maybe we will have him sleeping in his own bed before my pregnant belly gets HUGE or at least before the baby arrives! i told everyone i came in contact with... YAY TRE SLEPT IN HIS OWN BED... and praised my boy for being such a BIG boy and told him how proud i was and pumped him all up for getting a sticker on his incentive chart and told him only 2 more stickers and we get to go buy a new little toy at the "dollar store" and when he gets 7, A WHOLE WEEKS WORTH we would go get a BIG toy at the toy store... er.. maybe walmart! LOL so all day long he was talking about getting a new toy and this and that and i kept telling him he would if he got 2 more stickers on his chart that's what we will do and bed time comes and I'm all excited thinking i just KNOW he is going to sleep in his bed tonight, cause he did so well last night. As we are falling asleep i reach over to hold his hand and let him know that I'm still there cause it's pretty dark in our room. and just like the night before when he let go of my hand i knew that he was well on his way to dream land and i could enjoy the fact that i am getting ready to close my eyes and off to dream land i go as well...
HOWEVER - last night when he let go of my hand and i rolled over to go to finally shut my eyes after a long day of work, play, visiting with my parents and visiting with our friends josh and deena.... (were there really enough hours of the day to complete all these tasks?) i was PAST ready to get some sleep! So anyway, as i roll over and get in my "comfy position" i feel my hair being tugged... which automatically brought a smile to my face cause i knew what he wanted.. i just laid there and pretended to be asleep (although i was in that state of i wish i really was asleep so as long as i don't move i wont wake from my "almost asleep" state) and i felt another tug which lead me to believe that he was going to be in my bed before i knew it.... and YEP he hopped right on out of his bed and into ours got all snuggley on my back, wrapped his fingers in my hair and fell right to sleep.

This is a very bitter-sweet time for me because honestly i love having my boy sleep with me, he is so comfy and snuggley and he always lays right up against me and puts his little fingers in my hair, i love this time of night when we are able to snuggle and drift off to sleep together. but my husband doesn't like it because all he can think about is getting the knees and elbows and a smack to the face but i don't get that so i guess that's why i am more "pro-sharing a bed" i love the idea of going to sleep with him and waking up before him to watch him sleep and watch him dream and see that adorable, most pure and honest little smile that warms my soul and melts my heart! He is my world, i can't help it! but i am TRYING for my husbands sake to get him to sleep in his own bed.

Night 1 of bed in our room - only lasted about 5 mins and got in our bed

Night 2 of bed in our room - slept all night in his own bed - REJOICE!

Night 3 of bed in our room - laid in his bed for about 30 mins before getting in our bed.

He is rotten i tell ya!!! just ROTTEN! But i wouldn't have him any other way!


  1. I had mickey in her toddler bed the night of her first birthday.. also when I took the bottle from her.. and since that day she's slept in her bed... I guess maybe I roll around too much for anyone to really wanna sleep with me lol but it would have drove me nuts to share a bed with her... she sleeps like I always have and she'd beat the crap out of me.... This is the first time I've looked at your new blog.. I didn't even realize you had one til you left me a comment on mine.. lol this one looks great. =) I don't screw with my layout anymore.. I just write (sometimes lol) I'm so glad you're having a girl. hehe

  2. Tre is just really comfortable with me in our bed plus he keeps his hand in my hair till he goes to sleep so thats like his security... i like do i need to make him a little "AMANDA HAIR DOLL"? haha
    i texted you that i had a new blog when i first started blogging again. i was wondering if you got that text or not lol cuz i never got response. thanks tho

  3. nope never got that text.. musta been while my phone wasn't workin... or I just forgot hehe.

    a hair doll.... man that sounds just creepy.. lol

  4. my word verification for that last comment was Makenzie (that woulda been Mik's twins name" weird... lol