Thursday, June 3, 2010

Baby #2 - updated

KAYLIN FAITH my little princess is due October 17th.
The lady said she weighs about 12.5 ounce - i think she is only suppose to weigh 10 at 20 weeks. She also said that my placenta was low and asked if i had any complications - i told her no and didn't think about it at the time but should have asked about placenta previa i am hoping that wont be an issue but i will find out on the 16th when i talk to my doctor.
her heartbeat was 139 which is a lot lower than it normally is at the regular doctor visits.
Mark wasn't there!!! he totally missed his daughters ultra sound because he went to the doctor office instead of the hospital where ALL THE ULTRA SOUNDS ARE!!! i dunno what he was thinking.. but yea i was disappointed because he wasn't there HOWEVER, my baby boy went with me and he was a perfect angel the lady even said she doesn't see little ones that age be so well behaved... you know my PROUD MOMMA side was just BEAMING! :o)
it's funny that when she told me it was a girl i wasn't even PHASED by it because for the past couple of weeks maybe even a month or so i KNEW she was a girl. i think Tre pretty much made my mind for me in that aspect because every time we talked about the baby in the belly it was always "my sister" or baby girl... he is so cute and such a lil ESP having baby! LOL er... i mean BIG BOY!
she is going to be a lil wild fire!! i feel movement from her all the time - like she is just partying it up in there... in the ultra sound i got a picture of her little legs fully stretched out and it's SO hilarious cause they look just like Tre's legs!!
now im thinking and imagining and daydreaming of what my little girl will look like? will she look like me? will she look like Tre with long hair (eventually) LOL im so excited to meet her, i can't wait! and even though i wanted another boy i am very happy and super excited to have a little girl... OMG can you even believe it??!??!? another lil AMANDA running around!??! LORD HELP US! haha :o)
PLUS i know that Tre wanted a little sister and Marks reasoning for trying for baby #2 was to try for a girl!

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