Wednesday, May 19, 2010

There it WAS!

Last night, was the first time Mark felt Bun Deuce (as Anthony called it) move in my belly. I said did you feel that? He said with this goofy, amazed, excited look on his face "YEAH!" the look on his face will forever be burned in my memory! He said. "May 18th, I'll never forget it!" I was like oh yea, when did you feel Tre move... to which he replied... ehh... i don't know but i know i didn't promise myself i wouldn't forget it! LOL it's funny that we have forgotten so much from our gorgeous boys time spent in my belly that we are trying to remember EVERYTHING about the "bun deuce's" time spent inside.
Today i went to the doctor i have gained another 4 pounds which is right i guess a pound a week and my blood pressure was good and the baby's heartbeat was 159. They screwed up my ultra sound appointment and it wasn't on the calendar for June 2nd so they had to schedule me in for June 1st at noon! ONE DAY CLOSER!! YES!!
I'm so excited i can't wait!!!

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