Friday, June 25, 2010

It's like a WEEKEND during the WEEK!

Yesterday my sister, her boyfriend and my little brother all went for a PLAY day!! She picked him up at about 9 in the morning and didn't drop him off till about 430ish and of course by the time he came home he was WORE OUT and also KNOCKED OUT! lol he took a THREE HOUR NAP!! hellz yeah!
The day started with going swimming and getting all water logged from splashing and playing, then they had chicken nuggets and went to Chuck E Cheese, you know, where a kid can be a kid, while there they had word world on the tv and linz said he stopped in his tracks to watch it after they left there they went and got an ice cream cone!!
i told her to send me lots of pics cause i wanted to be updated on the amount of fun they were having, i was told that he was scared of Chuck E Cheese and he was saying all kinds of funny stuff.
I gave the girl 30 bucks to have fun with and she only ended up spending 10! lol my little thrifty prodigy!
after his nap he woke up talking about muffins and how he wanted one and i told him that we had dinner right here, have some chicken.
He whined for about 10 minutes about that one, i was pretty perplexed as to how he wakes up and immediately thinks he is getting a muffin! lol but anyway he eventually ended up eating his dinner all up like a big boy and got big boy muscles... oh i mean... BIG BATMAN MUSCLES! lol
Later that night he was talking about all the fun he had with his aunt Linzy and uncle Hunter and
he said "what's her name?"
i said "Linzy?"
he said while crinkling his eyebrows like i was stupid, "NOOO Zach!"
i said "oohhh, you like Zach?"
he said "yeahh"
it's funny, he is all the time backwards on his "HIS" and "HERS" all the boys are hers and all the girls are hims... he is also backwards on blue and yellow... he knows all the other colors but blue is almost always yellow and yellow is blue.

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