Thursday, July 1, 2010

2 tears and a hand full of COOKIES!

We are pouting this week...

Tuesday of this week i went (like a good girl) to get my glucose tested since i am about that time in the pregnancy to do so. i had gestational diabetes with my first born and it SUCKED!! i had to give myself insulin shots 3 times a day, and STARVE for eating healthy foods and not only that but you have to prick your fingers like before and after every friggin time you eat!!

So needless to say i am very unhappy when my doctors office calls and tells me that i need to take the 3 hour test because my glucose screen was 187... normal is 130-140!

When i got home last night after work i was pretty depressed about it, i cried 2 tears over it and ate about 10 fudge stripe cookies to mend my sorrow. UGHHHH eating is my vice people.... take that away from me and i don't know how to act. it's like crack heads being CUT OFF!! I'll start to itch and will do anything to get my goods! LOL naw it's not that bad but i was seriously hoping that since i had it the first time, i wouldn't have it again this time but you better believe i am NEVER, NEVER EVER getting pregnant again... I AM DONE! knowing that this is inevitable and i am going to have it every time... I'M DONE! thanks!


  1. love the pouting picture :)

  2. cute picture. i don't think i could give myself shots. You are braver than me.

  3. thanks for that but i dont feel brave at all! lol i feel like a cry baby!