Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Tre n I

My poor little buddy STILL has pink eye.. this is the longest ever episode i have ever had to deal with, and it has gotten so bad that his little tear duct is so inflammed it's bleeding or seeping blood... i feel so bad for him! so here is a picture from before he got all crusty! :o(

UPDATE on Tre's Pinkeye - we have to go see an eye specialist today at 6... ughhh (Between me and Tre)that is one doctor appointment for everyday this week.

UPDATE2: We went to the specialist and he said the bleeding was caused from the other eye drop and to stop giving him those. no tears or cuts in his lens so that's great! just a bad case of the pink eye caused from a virus. im so ready for this to be gone!!


  1. great picture of the two of you! i love how you are looking up at him and he is so focused on the camera!

  2. Pink eye is the worst! Hope he gets to feeling better soon!

  3. Hope he feels better. Love this photo.

  4. hope his eye feels better---that is the worst.

    great photo though :)