Friday, July 16, 2010

Proud Momma Moment

At the eye specialist last night I walked in and immediately scouted a place for Tre to sit and occupy himself since i knew i was going to need a few minutes to fill out paperwork and not pay total attention to him. So as soon as i walked in i laid out the expectations.

"Tre, mommy has to fill out papers so i need you to sit right here and don't move, you can play with these toys and I'll be done in just a minute, make sure you play quietly so you don't disrupt, OK?"

Tre said "OK i play with rocket, right here."

i let him bring in his little Einsteins rocket ship so he would feel comfortable and in case they didn't have toys there - thank goodness they did.
i went on to fill out all my new patient papers and get him signed in, handing over insurance cards and payments etc. and while i am sitting there filling out my paper work, this little boy probably about 4 or 5, just a little bit older than Tre comes up to him and says "hi, what's your name?"

Tre looks at him then looks at his mommy and says "Tre"

the little boy says "can i play with you"

Tre says "Sure"

so they start play and his mommy says "tell him your name".

Tre says "What your name?" to which he replies... " Josten"

i asked Tre if he could say Josten and i guess he was too busy are to excited to play because he ignored me and they got down on the floor and started playing with the toys. only a few moments went by before Josten decided Tre's rocket looked really cool and asked him...

"Can i play with your rocket?"

OMG only a few seconds, probably not even seconds but milliseconds went by from the time the question was asked till the response came from Tre's mouth but i immediately looked up from my papers and was thinking... oh goodness, please be nice, please don't say something nasty or rude... because as attached as he has been to this rocket for the past week or so i just KNEW he was going to be real protective over it.

Tre looked at his mommy, looked at him and then looked at me... but i had put my head back into my papers cause i didn't want to influence his decision, i wanted to see what he would say on his own with his own reasoning... not that... MOMMY IS LOOKING AT ME ALL CRAZY, I BETTER SHARE!
So finally after the few milliseconds that went by and all this happened and all that went through my head.

Tre finally answers the little boy by saying "uhhh... sure" and hands over his precious rocket.

I was so excited to see that he shared with him and was able to do it without my influence. Talk about a proud momma moment... i was beaming with pride like.. LOOK AT MY SHARING THREE YEAR OLD!!! he is such a good boy!!
so immediately after he handed his rocket over to the little boy i praised him for an awesome job sharing, to which he also ignored cause he was too busy playing.
They played really good together, since the other little boy was a bit older he was a bit bossier but Tre didn't seem to mind, they would playing "jail" and he would tell Tre who goes to jail and who doesn't, Tre would then send those deserving ones... to jail or the toy box - which was an awesome method of cleaning up! haha love the multitasking! Even when the little boy would tell him "no, that's mine!" Tre would say "ok" and move to something else instead of fighting over it.

well i have wrap it up cause my little one is crying his face off "I want you" - duty calls! :o)

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