Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Craptastical Shitty Day

i don't know what it was about yesterday but it was a SUPER SERIOUS BAD DAY! grrrr!
Tre and his non listening skills started it off all wrong, i kept asking him to get ready, take your diaper off, put your underwear on, put your shorts on, put your shirt on, all of these things i know i said each one at least 20 times... finally i had HAD IT! i put all of his stuff on him while yelling at him that he can do this on his own and i don't understand why he needs to be told 100 times to do something before he does it, i told him over and over about how when he doesn't listen to me it makes me upset and now i have lost ALL PATIENCE (and acting like an ass). he started crying, i don't know if it was because i was yelling at him or if he was just tired or if because i said mommy isn't happy or what but then i really felt like a jerk! so not only was i upset at my child i was mad that i made him feel bad enough to cry so now I'm mad at ME! and of course all my child's procrastination lead to us being late walking out the door - about 6 mins late. you wouldn't think it'd make that much of a difference but it DID!
pulled out of my neighborhood behind a pick up truck hauling a front loader on a trailer and i swear this person was going 30 - 35 miles per hour in a 55 zone and it was like that for about HALF of my trip in to school/work. The of course i get to do my 60 mph in a 55 for all of about 30 seconds before i come up on a damn school bus that is stopped with flashers in front of a house... turns them off drives up TWO DRIVEWAYS and stops AGAIN!!
ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME!??! your telling me that kids use to walk miles to school and this kid can't walk two friggin houses OVER to get on the bus so that it doesn't have to make 2 stops within a friggin 10 foot area!?!?!? WTF! loli was so super pissed! every slow driver in bullitt county was in front of ME yesterday on the way in, and I'm not talking about the buses, i understand they are traveling with children and make stops etc but i did find the double stop thing pretty damn STUPID!
so FINALLY i make it to tre's school and we had both calmed down from our morning argument and he was all loving on me, i guess "physically" saying he was sorry.
I usually stay with him a while while he eats his food and try to tell him to be good, listen to his teachers and play nice with his friends. but all i had time for was DON'T GET ON RED... remember mommy said if you get a red buzz lightyears go bye bye for a whole day. love you, have a good day. I'm out. (Tre got his first "RED" light at school, last Wednesday, on my birthday of course so I'm trying to nip it, before it because the norm.)
GET TO WORK about 20 mins late and of course my boss has to give me crap for being late (like I'm every THAT late) and i was telling him my ordeal this mroning and was like "I'm ready to claw someones eyes out" he said "well you can try me but don't be surprised if i claw back a little bit" i know he was trying to cheer me up but i hadn't even gotten my purse off my shoulder before he started in on me and i had no time to breath... and try to release tension.
Co-worker tried being positive for me, reminding me that it's a short week and a long weekend, etc. so that was starting to work till i had to go get lunch yesterday and the EFFERS FORGOT MY FOOD!
everyone elses food was in the bag... my food? NO... not there. so i had to go ALLL THE WAY BACK UP THERE to get my food. talk about frustrated cause not only am i pissed but I'm hungry! and anyone who knows me, knows that is NEVER a good combo! if i could have peeled out in that damn parking lot in my kia, i would have! LOL i don't think the kia has ever gotten a "wheel" tho! LOL
so the rest of the day goes by, mostly without any other mishaps till i pick my child up from school and I'm preparing myself to hear bad news about his behavior but instead i get a friggin RATE HIKE!!! they are raising my damn rate to 130, ten whole dollars MORE than what it is now.
by the time i got home i was just ready to give up, i needed to go to bed and start all over because the whole day had been SHIT i mean just pure CRAPTASTICAL SHIT!

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