Thursday, September 2, 2010

Embrace the Camera

Tre and i doing our morning drive to school. (his first day of "Pre-School")

UPDATE on the 1st day:

when i walked in to pick him up his teacher said he had a good day right up until i first walked in, he and another boy just got into over a toy car - but she said as far as listening and following instructions of his new class he did great and she was very impressed at how well he did for his age on writing his numbers and letters. he wrote the upper case and lower case letter "B" all by his self and i'm like... WOW didn't know my lil booger could write. i knew he could write his name sorta but the paper work that i seen yesterday from school was great!

there was another worksheet where he traced the number 2 and it was pretty good to - so i was super proud momma last night beaming with pride at how smart my little boy is and the awesome thing... he is STILL excited about getting to go to "preyschool" lol i love how he says it.

we walked in this morning and his buddy Chase walked up and said YAY TRES HERE.. and gave him a big hug. SO SWEET!

so i am very pleased with the preschool program that my daycare has going, his teacher is a "real" teacher with a degree and even with the rate hike, my husband and i talked about it and we feel that his education is worth the extra money we will be spending.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful new school! I love their motto! You are going to have to post a pic of you guys walking to your new school! ;)

  2. I did the same type of post today! Hope he has a good year!

  3. he looks all big sitting back there :)

  4. It's what mommies do! I'm glad you documented it!

  5. Hooray for the first day of preschool!! I hope he has a wonderful year! =)