Wednesday, August 4, 2010

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a blog that i love to read:
i look forward to her posts like a kid looks forward to hearing the ice cream man in the neighborhood and anxiously awaits on the side of the road to get one of those awesome frozen treats, perfect for cooling a hot kid that's been playing outside all day...
i don't know how many kids there are these days that actually DO THAT but that's what we did back in the day...
i digress...
a blog i want to share with you is so full of positive energy and happiness.
it makes me feel good and inspires me to be a better mother to my child(ren)
What brought me to her sight was her birth story of her beautiful daughter Nella who was born with Downs Syndrome.
the birth story she wrote about Nella's grand entrance into this world had me absolutely in tears and i felt so hard for this stranger who lives hundreds of miles away that somehow through the wonderful thing call the Internet i feel very close to her like i have known her for years.
You should definitely check her blog out... if not become a follower at least read the birth story, she has a link at the top of the blog.
on her current post she has listed her 3 current loves and wanted to know her readers loves as well; i have shared my three loves with her, they are below.
if you want to leave your 3 current sweet loves go ahead and do so...
on her site and mine! ;o)
Sweet love #1: My baby boy who surprises me daily with how big he is getting and how smart he is getting and what an AWESOME little person he is becoming!
Sweet love #2: The baby girl in my belly, the one who jabs and kicks me everyday just about all day and reminds me that she is there and growing big. i can't wait to meet our little angel and learn about her in every way.
Sweet love #3: my husband who helped me create these lovely sweet loves 1 and 2... and who takes care of me and is an awesome father and husband and friend.

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