Monday, August 2, 2010

Tre Says WHAT?

funny sayings:

"no you got to get out, this my room" ... OH REALLY!?
as we were watching little rascals he got all involved in the chase scene where 2 boys were chasing alf alfa and he said "what they doing"
i said "chasing him he is running away"
he said "oh, i shoot them"
where he proceeded to get down on one knee in full BUZZ lightyear stature and put his index finger on his forearm while pointing it toward the tv and making laser noises...
lol such a helper! haha
He made a horse puppet at school his name is "pooosigh" um... yea i think he means bullseye but LMAO at pooosigh
please lord don't let him say that in church!

I don't know if i posted this one on here or on my facebook but a couple/few weeks ago i had asked him to do something and he told me


i nearly busted out laughing right there!!


While taking his underwear off to put him in a diaper he grabbed himself and said "PENIS!" i said yep that's your penis, now get off of it so i can put your diaper on.

He said "daddy has a penis?"

I said "yes, you and daddy have a penis"

he said "you have penis?"

i said "no, mommy doesn't have a penis" to which he proceeds to argue with me for about 2 minutes, telling me I DO have a penis! lol


new sayings:
"you knock it out!" meaning... you knock it off. lol
Everything starts with "cause" "cuz i want sausage biscuit" or "cuz i want apple juice" "cuz i want to watch crediables"
even when it's not needed... it's "cause"!
sweet sayings:
For the past week now Tre has been "trying" to sleep in his own bed. this was his "OWN" idea, i had given up on the thought that he would sleep in his bed and figured we would just try later.
Out of the blue one night he says "i sleep in my bed, get buzz lightyear rocket".
When we first started this sleep in your own bed project i told him if he slept in his bed 3 nights by himself he would get a prize. As we were shopping around target one day he seen buzz lightyear in a rocket and wanted it, so i told him if you sleep in your bed by yourself mommy will get that for you. so this has been his main motivating focus since that trip.
One night last week it was bed time and i tell him just about every night, "go get your head on a pillow"
so he did and to my surprise/delight/shock and awe... he jumped into his car bed with his doc Hudson car and said, "i sleep in my bed"
i said "ok, i love you, have a good night sleep", gave him a kiss, turned out the light and went to my bedroom.
It's funny when it happened the first time i didn't really know how to act. i went to my bedroom and you would have thought i had lost something.... i was kinda pacing like a little disoriented, like i didn't know what to do next.
so what's a pregnant momma to do before bed? i went to the bathroom (for that "i hope it's the last pee of the night, pregnancy pee") then laid down in my bed... without my little monkey on my back and no tiny baby, er, i mean "big boy" hand in my hair.
I laid there with my eyes open for about 10 minutes and decided i would go check on him because i kept hearing noises but wasn't sure if it was him or my husband. When i checked on him he was just laying there.... STILL in his bed.
I went back to bed and closed my eyes.
Sometime during the night, i would say probably around the time Mark came to bed (that probably woke him up) he came in and got in our bed.
So for a few hours he gave it a try.
The next morning he says, "i get buzz lightyear rocket"
i have to disappoint him and tell him "no, because you didn't sleep in your bed all night, but you gave it a good try and mommy is very PROUD of you trying, it makes mommy happy to see you try to do something even if you don't get it right the first couple of times." (i so sound like Danny Tanner on Full House! LOL)
This happened for about 2 nights in a row and i asked him, "how come your not staying in your bed all night?" he said "i AAAAMM!" like was getting on him or something.
i said " it's ok that your getting in mommy's bed but you can't get a buzz lightyear if you keep doing that, so i want to know why you keep giving up that chance to get your buzz just to sleep a few hours in mommy and daddy's bed?" and he just looked at me and said
"cause i just love your hair"
all i could do was smile i said "aww that's sweet buddy, but if you want that buzz lightyear rocket, we are going to have to find a way to get you to sleep in your bed, without mommy's hair"
Think we are going to have to get him a "night time doll or something" or just wait it out seems like each night he stays in his bed a little bit longer but just having a problem going back to sleep by his self without Mommy's hair, when he wakes up.
Tre has this "game" if you want to call it that, that he plays with me, he has been doing it for a month or longer,it has tapered off here lately only happening occasionally.
But he gets all sweet and cocks his head in the way that he knows i love, and says
"i luv yeww mom!"
and i say "i love you"
then he says "you luh me"
and i say "we're a happy family"
and he sings "with a breat big hug n a kiss from me to you"
we both do the kiss noise and we both sing "wont you say you love me too" lol for a minute there he was doing this like at LEAST 10 times a day... ahhhh!!!
it's still pretty cute though and of course i love to hear that he loves me!
:o) hee hee

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