Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I'm down with that!

So this morning as Tre and I are getting ready for the day together, i am sitting on the bed beside him putting on his shoes and he says... OUT OF BLUE...

"Little sister is big enough, it time her come out now!"

i was like OH YEA that's what mommy needed to hear!

Tre pretty much told me the whole time we were speculating what gender the baby was that she was a girl. so by the time i found out that she was indeed a girl... i kinda had already prepared myself to hear that news and it was NO SHOCKER! lol

so now I'm like, is this gonna be the same? is Tre telling me that he knows our new baby is getting ready to come? i mean dang i am 37 weeks and that's when Tre came so... i guess all we do is wait and see... i have a doctors appointment tomorrow so i am hoping that there is some more progression going on. last time 1cm dilated and 50% effaced was semi good news but i wanted MORE! lol

oh and my mucus plug came out last week and I'm having lower back pain, so i know it's getting close to GO TIME!!!

Also i had some maternity photos done this past weekend by my sister. She did an awesome job (from the sneak peek that she gave me) Her new business is Zoe Multimedia Productions so you should go check it out here:

and if your interested in having photos done or some memory videos or whatever im sure she would hook ya up, just tell her MANDA SENT YA! :o)

here are the sneaks she gave me:

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