Monday, October 4, 2010

It's the last week....

i am guessing, in light of the facts that were put upon me last week at my 37th week check up - where i had lost YET ANOTHER pound, down to 149 and i was 2 cm dilated and still only 50% effaced, my doc also reaffirmed that i would NOT go past 40 weeks with having gestational diabetes.
So not this week but next weeks appointment is probably going to be the deciding factor of when he plans to induce if lil miss hasn't decided to show her pretty little face by then and all is still going as well as it has been previously.

so i am going to go ahead and assume if little miss kaylin doesn't make her debut this week - this will be the

Gone will be the days of the husband and i waking up to only the most handsomest smile a person could see on a lazy Saturday morning.

Gone are the morning car rides to school where Tre would like to talk my head off whilst i drive in a sleepy fog to get us there on time.

Gone are the days where Tre has me all to his self.

Gone are the days that Tre is an ONLY CHILD!

Gone are the days where the boys go play and momma can have some peace and quiet!

but most of all....

Gone are the days where i had one heart and one little boy held it in his hand so perfectly!

it's time to move on... its time for my heart that is already so big and full of love to grow that much more, so that this little girl that is about to come into the world can latch on to it!

So here i am one heart... one hand - not even being able to finish this post without hot tears streaming down my face!

I'm so ready to meet my little girl the love and emotions are just BUSTING out of me. I can't wait to hold her in my arms and i can't wait for Tre to meet her and see her for the first time! i will probably be a blubbering MESS (as i am now) when he comes up to the hospital for the first time to see her.

i can't wait to see sibling interaction and see how much Love they have for each other and the bond that they will have that mark and i both never had while growing up. This is the ONE thing that we can provide our child with that we never had a chance to get - A SIBLING TO GROW UP WITH! :o)


oh and some pictures of yesterday - a friend came over and Tre got to practice holding a baby - he loves babies and did a pretty good job too! Victoria seemed happy while he was holding her so that's good. and of course he wanted to hold her MORE! lol im sure this holding of baby will wear off when he gets his own.

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