Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kaylins First Doctor Appointments

So if a baby is discharged from the hospital within the first 48 hours of life, our pediatrician wants to see the newborn within a couple of days of going home.
So her first doctors visit was October 18th it went well and she was already back up to her birth weight weighing 7 lbs exactly and she either grew some or they measured wrong at the hospital because she is now 20 inches long.
Doctor Clan says she looks perfect! :o) YAY!

Next visit was today, her 2 week check up and she grew ANOTHER inch!! now she measured 21 inches long and weighed 7 lbs and 4 ozs so she is gaining weight, great her little head was 13 inches.
20-25% for head circumference
75% in height
25% in weight
and again, Doctor Clan says she looks perfect!

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