Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Moment We've Been Waiting for:

Tuesday October 12, 2010 at about 6 pm in the evening I started having contractions. At first I thought they were just the normal ol' braxton hicks contracts that I had been having for the past few weeks but I soon noticed that there was some pattern going on and they seemed to be pretty consistent and not stopping. So I told Mark "I think we need to start timing the contracts" they seemed to be about 8 to 9 sometimes 10 minutes apart. So we sit for a couple hours or so and we are timing contractions and they are starting to come a little bit closer together but they are also starting to come a little bit stronger and feeling more "crampy" and lasting a little longer, so I knew this was IT! It WAS IT!! but I didn't want to have one of those "FALSE ALARM" moments and be sent home so we decided to wait, but in the mean time I needed to use the restroom so afterwards there was some blood and it scared me because I wasn't sure if that was normal or not and seeing blood anytime your pregnant as any MOM or soon to be MOM knows... ITS VERY CONCERNING!
I told mark to call the doctor and he tells us to come on in and get looked at and see what happens. so we take Tre to his Nana and Pawpaws and go to the hospital and get checked in and they ask me a blue million questions about family history allergies, blah blah blah... they check my cervix and its 3 cm dilated (which is still the same from the doctor visit I just had on Monday) we sit in triage for an hour while they monitor my contractions and they are about 5 to 7 minutes apart at this point but they are getting stronger... I'm thinking they are defiantly going to admit me and I am going to have this baby tonight!! well after an hour They check my cervix again and it's still 3cm contracts are stronger but still only 5-7 minutes apart and they tell me to go home!! YEP, that's right... they MADE US LEAVE!! I was pretty pissed! they told me to go home and come back when the contractions are 2 minutes apart. I had 3 STRONG contractions from the time they told me to get out till the time I could get my pants on, they were so strong that I bled on the floor, so there I stand 3 contractions later with blood running down my leg and they are still telling me that it's normal to just go home and take some Tylenol, use a heating pad or a warm bath for pain. So we leave. Yes - we actually left and came back home which is a good 30 minutes from the hospital and we stopped at Walgreen's on the way to get a heating pad because the contracts where coming about 3, maybe 4-5 minutes apart now and they are still strong and it was very uncomfortable by the time we got home I was so uncomfortable it was hard for me to walk. As soon as I walked in the door I felt like I needed to use the restroom, there was more blood and I don't know if the pushing kicked it into gear or if that was my SIGN that it was REALLY TIME or what but while sitting on the toilet I felt like I was going to have the baby in the toilet, I don't know but I tried the heating pad, had 2 contractions that had me writhing around on the couch like a crazed woman, Mark ran me a bath and I sat in the tub for 3 contractions and couldn't get any relief, contractions still coming and coming, I decide that the bath isn't working and try to get out and get my clothes back on but before I could even dry off I had 3 more contractions that were KILLER and I couldn't even stand the closest and fastest place I could get to was my sons bed. After 3 contracts that were so bad I damn near started to cry I looked at mark and he said "OK, lets go" so we were off to the hospital again, this time the contracts were so strong I was literally coming out of the seat because the pressure was so bad and it hurt so bad I was trying anything and everything to get comfortable or to relieve the pain and some way, ANYTHING!! I told mark he was going to have to do 90 on the way there but 90 was NOT fast enough... I have never felt anything like that in my life. the birth of my son in NO WAY compares to this time. So there we are on the expressway doing 90 mark with his flashers on and speeding down the highway we were on our way to meet our daughter, I was excited but just wished it didn't hurt so damn bad! lol The contractions were coming so close together and so strong at this point it really felt good to push and I know your not suppose to do that, cause yeah that's what causes a baby to be born but oh my gosh it did relieve a little bit of the pain so I would push just a little bit! As I am moaning and groaning and cussing and writhing around I'm sure mark was freaking out and even in my pain I was wondering if he was OK but didn't even have enough time in between contracts to regain composer enough to ask if he was OK but I did tell him to call the hospital and tell them to have my $)*&ing epidural ready and waiting for me! When we get to the hospital we jump out of the truck and mark grabs a wheelchair and wheels me up to the 2nd floor for triage again where they have me sign 3 different things I don't even know how that was a legal signature I gave them it was like a squiggly line - and I have NO CLUE what I signed... I'm pretty sure I would have signed away my soul just get the pain to stop!
I'm begging for my epidural or SOME kind of Medicine for pain, anything... "JUST GIVE ME SOMETHING, PLEASE!!!!" They checked my cervix and I was 8 cm dilated and pretty much complete, I'm surprised they did give me an epidural with as far along as I was in labor. What seemed like an eternity of moaning, groaning and cussing, somewhere along the way I graduated to screaming and crying and trying to make the nurses feel bad for not giving me some medicine! I was begging and pleading and screaming and cussing, all my inhibitions have flown out the window by this point - I am so not a person to vocalize my pain or emotions for that matter but damn it... labor and delivery is a different matter! Finally they take me to labor and delivery, I think, oh thank God, I am gonna get my shot but NOPE I'm still waiting on epidural. When she FINALLY comes in she is prepping her stuff and the first thing she says to me is "you are NOT to yell at me" lol I was like "OK, OK, I wont yell I promise just give it to me now! I cant have another contraction, please!!!" I believe I had 2 maybe 3 more contractions while she was getting everything ready and while she was doing that and I was DYING she told me that no matter what I can't move once she starts and even if I'm having a contraction I can't move, I was pretty worried I was going to have one while she was doing it and what the hell was I going to do because moving was all I could do to, to... I don't know what the hell it was good for because I didn't get any relief but I felt like I HAD TO! (I have no clue how woman did this back in the day with out any medical help at all) So by the GRACE of God my epidural was administered and not one single contraction... I really don't know how that happened because they were one right after another and it was like they stopped just long enough for her to do her thing and then they started again, I had one more before it started to kick in but it was already less intense than before so i was good... I could FINALLY relax and start being excited about meeting my daughter... but I was so worn out from the TRAUMA I had been through! LOL all I could do was raise my finger to my OB and tell him "I am going to kill you" to which he laughed and mark told me to put my finger down. LOL few minutes later the doctor said... "Now that's called Laboring!" ugh, if I could use my legs I would have loved to kick him in his mommy, daddy button! hahaha
So all is numb and we calling a few people because not like they are going to have enough time to get there but we
HAVE to let them know it's going down, like it or not she is coming!

fast forward a bit:
I push a few times and her head was pretty much right there because I only had to push 3 times or so before the doctor was getting his scrubs on and getting ready for a delivery! I asked for a mirror because with that whole area numb I don't know whats going on and I can't rely on them telling me if I'm doing good or not because if I know I need to give more then I will. so I get my mirror, push a few more times and then she is crowned, there she is!! There is my little awesomeness that I have been waiting 38 weeks to meet! Another 2 pushes and her head was out, I couldn't see because someone was in the way of my view but just one more push and she was all the way out and on my stomach instead of in my stomach and i was so curious to see what she looked like I'm pretty sure my first thought was she looks like Tre. The most amazing moments in my life were the first time I seen my babies. Holding them and realizing what just happened. The life that I had been nurturing and carrying in my body for all this time has been pushed into the world and there they are... in my arms! It's an experience that really has no worthy description in words... you really have to experience it to understand!

Early Wednesday morning October 13, 2010 at 1:39 am my beautiful baby girl, Kaylin Faith Arms was born weighing 7 lbs and 1 oz, measuring at 19 inches long was born into the world and MY world... will NEVER be the same!!

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