Monday, December 20, 2010


During the last week of my maternity leave we decided to take the babies to go see Santa Claus at the bass pro shop over in Indiana, they give free pictures and the Santa is pretty awesome as he actually takes time to discuss with the kids what they would like for Christmas and if they have been good, even asking moms and dads what they would like etc.

So we go the week of thanksgiving... me not even THINKING about the fact that the kids were already out of school for the Holiday break or whatever and the line was pretty long, HOWEVER it wasn't as long as it was about 30 minutes after we had been standing there, it started to wrap around the whole first level of the store! CRAZY

While waiting in line Mark and i would take turns standing in line with Kaylin who was eating on a bottle for most the time and taking Tre to go look around the store at all the cool things around Santa's wonderland. We made a Santa head out of a fishing bobber, he turned out pretty cool so i kept him in my car for some Christmas cheer when i drive! :o)

So after a little bit of a wait, that wasn't as torturous as previously expected, we get up there and it's our turn. We let Tre walk up there himself and he wasn't scared a bit, walked right up and sat on his lap like he had been knowing him forever. We gave Santa Kaylin to hold and took the picture, after the picture Santa was talking to us and i noticed that Tre's mouth was kinda hanging open like he was in awe. i also noticed that he was rubbing Santa's fur on this coat like it was my hair, that could have been because it was a little late and he was tired or it could have been just because he was soft. but i asked Tre if he told Santa what he wanted for Christmas and Tre said no, i said well tell him.

Santa: What would like for Christmas?

Tre: *mouth hanging open* just looked at him. - HE FROZE!

Santa: Would you like a train set

Tre: *mouth hanging open* nodded yes, like THAT was what he wanted. lol

he was looking at him like i would like at Justin Timberlake (i LOVE me some of that man) if i was ever in his presence! he was STAR STRUCK!

Mommy: no you don't Tre, remember what you want Santa to bring you for Christmas?

Tre: *mouth hanging open* uh huh...

it was like the scene straight out of a Christmas Story... friggin hilarious!!

Daddy whispered in his ear then Tre FINALLY came out with it that he wanted a Stinky the Garbage Truck.

FINALLY - whew i was thinking for a minute that Tre wasn't going to talk LOL but he did and he got to tell Santa what he wanted which was great.

Then Santa asked me what i wanted for Christmas and i told him i just wanted my kids to have a great Christmas and he said, "how bout some sleep? i bet that would be nice huh?" lol and you know something.. i think i believe in Santa Claus again because he knew just the RIGHT thing for me! :o)

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