Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I LOVE Pumpkin Pie

Yesterday while feeling in the spirit of Christmas - i turned on my radio in my car to the channel that is ALL CHRISTMAS MUSIC all the time, until after Christmas!! i love this channel during the holidays - it's awesome to hear all that music to get ya in the mood!
so anyway - we are all in the car (me and the kids that is, cause the four of us in the rio isn't comfortable) i turned on the Christmas music and Home for the Holidays was on - "i met a man who lives in TN and he was headed for Pennsylvania and some home made pumpkin pie" and from the back seat i heard... "I LOOOOOVE PUMPKIN PIE" lol timing is everything kid! your awesome... but've NEVER even HAD pumpkin pie! LMAO he is soo freaking funny sometimes... i love it!
every time i hear pumpkin pie now i think of that... and just about every time he hears it he says... I LOOOOVE PUMPKIN PIE!

here are some pics for PROOF!

Kaylin has been smiling and being social for the past couple of weeks - she loves attention and knows how to get it... so cute to hear her little noises and look down to find her just CHEESING away at ya trying her bestest to get you to look at her... she is awesome!
Momma's SWEET pumpkin pie!

I LOVE MY BABIES SO MUCH... i am so GLAD Mark talked me into having 2! ;o) (never thought it'd be ME with two kids!)

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