Monday, December 6, 2010

that's a first...

SOooo in the land of "firsts" - Kaylin officially has her first cold. I have a cold that had me knocked down Saturday, fever, chills and all that bad stuff, so i am hoping that the kids don't get it as bad as i had it. Sunday both of them started sneezing and coughing and poor Tre woke up with a crusty snot trail across the side of his face... BLEH... gonna have to do the sheets tonight! lol
Also, the last week of my maternity leave mark and i were down in the basement on the computer when Tre walks in and is playing with his transformers... when he plays i love to listen to his dialogue.... however - what soon come out of his mouth had my jaw on the floor and mine wasn't the only one... dad couldn't believe his ears when we heard our three and a half year old little boy say... "LETS KILL THAT BITCH" i looked at mark to make sure i heard it correctly and mark looked at me to See if he heard what i heard and YEAH... that's what we heard... WOW!! where the hell did he get THAT from??? i mean if it had been a simple cuss word or regularly use phrase that comes from my mouth than i would known exactly where it came! and that has happened plenty of times before...well not PLENTY but it has happened before but this time it was something that i KNOW for a fact i have never said and mark either so I'm very perplexed as to where it came from and i told him that if he continued to use that kind of language i was gonna take all his action movies away, transformers and iron man etc.
ahhhhh the crap that comes from my kids mouth!! lol on the brightside: speaking of the kids mouth, he went to his 2nd dentist appointment in his life and still doesn't have any cavities!! YAY goo TRE! ;o)

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