Thursday, May 26, 2011

Updates Galore

So wow its been so long since i have done an update... jeez.. where to begin?
UPDATE on Kaylin:
currently 7.5 months old She is saying ma ma and da da and ba ba, she squeals with delight at her brother she lights up when he gets near her.. just about anyone will make her grin from ear to ear when she is playing by herself and someone walks near she lights up and if they keep walkin or ignore her she just starts crying so pitiful lol she is so SPOILED with attention - just ROTTEN! if she is trying to get your attention she does this really cute little wiggle... and then she will cock her head to the side, she is crazy!
last night mark and i were outside and as usual mark was swinging his golf club and every time he would hit the grass pretty good and make that noise she would laugh... it was so stinkin CUTE! took video of it!
yesterday as i was getting her ready for school i noticed she had a tick on her back so i freaked out and called mark and then called his mom to see what im suppose to do because i have only ever had to pull a tick out once before and that was from behind tre's ear - when he was like 2ish I WAS FREAKIN THEN TOO! so i go to pull it out and of course the head stays in... i can't remember if she started breaking out in this rash before or after i took the tick out but it started on her upper back and lower back like a heat rash by the time i got her to school it was on the front of her and more of her back and by the time nana picked her up from daycare to take her to the dr to get the head of the tick out it was from HEAD TO TOE! when i picked her up later that evening when i got off work she was dang near fine! didn't even look like there was a problem. KK said they had to numb her back and cut the head out :o( but they got it out and she is all better the rash is just about completely gone and they said it was just a coincidence that the rash happened at the same time and was just virual but started clearing up after the head was takin out. geeshh... idk!
i can't remember the last update developmentally where kaylin was but she is sitting up perfectly on her own now she has such great posture, straight back! on her belly she raises up really high with her arms but she doesn't really get on to her knees she pretty much doesn't like being on her belly but if there is something she wants TRUST me she will find a way to get to it. she pivots and scoots around on her belly when she needs to get to something... which is EVERYTHING in her near grasp! lol she is so curious about EVERYTHING... lil turd! she is definitely going to have my hands full when she starts getting around on her own. im glad she is waiting for that! lol also she has ZERO teeth right now but i have been giving her baby mum mum lil rice snacks that taste like banana and for the first time, last night, she had those little Gerber puff things also banana flavored. it was pretty funny watching her try to grab them since she doesn't have her pincer grasp yet she would smack her hand down on the tray real hard then scoot it over until the puff was near her fingers then make a fist and hope it was in her hand! but she never brought to her mouth, the ONE THING that she is suppose to bring to her mouth actually went over the side of her little booster / highchair seat. LOL GO FIGURE! :o)

UPDATE on Tre:
Soccer season is over finally - Rain was terrible this spring so we had plenty of rescheduled /make up games he did pretty good this year and we found that he did BETTER when it was just me and him rather than everyone and their momma going. i understand that the grandparents want to cheer him on but he seriously did SO MUCH BETTER when it was just me and him... not even dad there. he got 2 goals this year and actually got dirty playing! he did great and got a trophy and the y medal - on the last game, i asked him how many goals he was going to get and he said 4 lol was pretty cute he was up and ready to KICK THAT BALL!! that was about the most i have seen him be determined to get the ball in the goal... GO TRE!!! he was on fire that game... of course it was the last one, we did have a make up game but it was too cold to play so i ddint take him...shame on me, i know but i have a baby to think about too and mark wasn't going to be there.
Tre had his first sleep over, Kaden spent the night the day of his birthday party which for the first time was SMALL and cozy. lol not alot of people there which was nice for a change. Kaden and Tre were awesome tho, i was nervous about kaden staying the night because i know how little 4 year old boys can be but Kaden, as rambunctious as he CAN be... was great. he listened when he was told to do something or told not to do something... i only heard "im not gonna be your friend anymore" maybe 3 times. they were super excited to watch ben10 and got CRAZY when it came on... but they were like A.D.D. because it was something new every 5 minutes... a new toy, a new game, a new movie.... then it was on to something else. Kaden was so sweet he gave me a few random hugs and i took that to mean he was having fun and was comfortable in my home, which made me happy because i could tell they were happy and having fun! then NIGHT TIME CAME.... i was worried that Kaden would want to go home or have issues sleeping or something but NOPE they both tuckered out watching ben10 on our fold out couch bed. sometime during the middle of the night Tre (in normal fashion) came up to our bed because that's where he thinks he belongs. we have tried so many times to get him out of our bed but nothing is working... idk what to do about it. SUGGESTIONS, TIPS, IDEAS etc would be great! thanks. bad thing is we have both babies in the same room so if tre is crying that he doesn't want to sleep in his bed while we are trying to MAKE him, he will wake up his sister. grrr!
on tre's 4 year check up doctor visit he weighed 34.5 pounds and his weight and height was right in the 50% area... he is getting to be a big boy so tall and starting to use all these... words. lol its too cute when you are talking to him and he says "WHAT?" like an "i don't believe it, you gotta be kidding me" what... AND he says you gotta be kidding me too which is funny because he totally uses these phases in context. the other day i guess he had gas or something because he told me he has beetles in his belly lol mark tried to explain to him what he was feeling and he smiled real big like he was trying to process it and said "no way" lol
Tre is well on his way to reading if you ask him what sound does *random letter* make, he will tell you and then tell you some words that start with that letter... "BUH BUH BUTTERFLY starts wis B mommy" yep son... your right... so smart!

UPDATE on the Husband:
everyone at his work had to do some kind of check up so the company would match their health savings account - they dr told him his good cholesterol is too low and needs to be taking pills now or eating healthy and exercising... early heart disease possibility if he doesn't CHANGE something!! sighh... not good!! so we got to work on getting us healthy again... jeezzz we are getting OLD!
to attempt in not having anymore children... EVER!! Mark got fixed. :o) yep... my man is now sterile. or at least we HOPE he is... i know a few years from now im gonna have baby fever again and want to have another one but our bank account is going to be like... NOOOO please dont do it! i guess if we ever win the lottery we can try to do a reversal and if that doesn't work we can adopt. :o) and NOT FROM AFRICA but right here... in the states (& maybe from Asia, i love little Asian babies). alright im not going to get all political but you know what i mean right... all these damn famous people with more money than they know what to do with go to Africa and see all these poor hungry pitiful looking kids and they want to take em home with them... that's great but YO... we got starving homeless and parentless kids in the states too right!?!? i digress!!

UPDATE on me:
i have recently started doing photography... yeah yeah i know, nothing NEW right... well i have recently started taking MONEY for my photography - not that i am charging a whole lot... i mean i probably wont even hit that -600 dollar maximum amount to get TAXED! haha but if you need photos... holla at ya girl!
FACEBOOK.COM/ALARMSPHOTOGRAPHY is where my work is at... i also have a website, but it's... meh.... ok.
mark is talking about me doing commercial photography for golf courses now too... i dont know much about it but im sure with marks help i can get some awesome stuff! :o)
i am super stoked (stoked? i don't think i have ever used that word about my excitement in my life) about this endeavour... right now it's a side business, just something to make a little extra to help out with... LIFE and it's expenses... considering "marks updates" maybe i should use it to go to the GYM! lol i have been complaining about not having a gym membership since i had Kaylin but it got me no where and i was going to do it when we got our taxes but we paid off some bills and never got around to getting a membership because i was trying to be frugal and not spend all our money in 2 months! LOL but whatever... the choices we make are what got us where we are today so i dont think we are doing tooo awful terrible... :o) if only we had a little extra is what we have been saying since FOREVER... and every time we get a little extra - it gets cycled into the regular BILLS/LIFE like it didn't even happen. but anyway back to my original thought... since kaylin being born i have gained about 2o-25 pounds... YEP that's craziness.. i am suppose to gain weight when im pregnant not AFTER but no that's how i work because i can't friggin be pregnant without having diabetes SOOOO.... i can't eat the GOOD TASTIN BAD FOR YOU food when im pregnant. BLAH so IM FAT!

our family is getting ready to go on a FLORIDA trip!! my kaylins first time time Florida and to see the ocean! yay.. excited! gonna be fun... even though mark and i are fat. haha

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