Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Independence Day

Happy fourth of July!
I guess my little one took that as her cue to start her own independence and started CRAWLING over the weekend. AAAAAND she popped thru 2 teeth! REALLY?!
give an adult a long holiday weekend and we will show you how many cookouts we can attend, how many beers we can throw back (him! not me) and how long a house can go uncleaned before someone finally breaks down and cleans up the filth! (that has still yet to be accomplished) haha
give a baby a long weekend and she will make 2 teeth and learn to crawl and immediately move on to the next thing... she is now pulling up on her knees. she hasn't gotten the hang of getting to her feet but i just KNOW it's coming soon! jeez!!
she did take longer than tre to learn how to crawl but man... she is moving on to the next step faster than he did. SLOW DOWN baby girl!

My little man enjoyed his 4th events as well... we had a cookout/party/fireworks show everyday of this long weekend. but we first started it with a visit to a new baby. My Godchild was born June 29, 2011 at 5pm 7lbs and 19.5 inches long. SO PRECIOUS!
So we are over their house holding and oo awwing over this new little baby and the older kids are running around like little crazies... i pop in on tre touching something he shouldn't and i guess since i surprised him he felt he needed to convey is interest in the item he was touching with a wonderful... "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?" as i start to give him an answer, i realize the AGE of the little one who just asked me what the hell is this and said... WAIT, WHATD YOU SAY!? he said... OOOhhhp SAWRY as he covered his mouth and walked away from me. LOL wow... he is his mothers child. i have really got a problem with having a potty mouth and even in that sentence i wanted to say shitty! i wonder how he talks with his friends when im not around - sigh.. but let me tell you he has never gotten in trouble at school for cussing and those little demon spawns spout off some SHIT, let me tell ya. one kid has told the teacher to shut up you fat bitch! LMAO... FOR SERIOUS!?! YES totally SERIOUS! so maybe it's a good thing i dont try to shelter my kid from language such as these because then he for sure would be curious about it and try telling me to shut up - then it'd be ON LIKE DONKEY KONG!! i kind of have learned in the past couple of years that i am not my child's ONLY influence, if i was, then i could shelter him from things i dont want him to know about or learn. but i am not... but what i AM is one of his most IMPORTANT influencers so i just gotta teach him how to make the proper choices and decisions in regards to the NON-SENSE i don't want him knowing about! LOL
welp - must get motivated

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