Thursday, September 22, 2011

Busy Bee

So with this new adventure in photography i have been super busy and with less free time on my hands i find it hard to update my bloggy blog.

couple of weeks again Kay started saying "uhh ohh" which sounds more like uhhh ooo it's so stinkin cute yet i know what is in store - a bunch of throwing things down and saying uhh ooo so i can retrieve and give back... i hate that game, i mean seriously am i a dog or something. lol im sure she will get a kick out of it and i know she has been playing this game with her daycare fav Ms Connie. She has been eating for the past month or so big people food for breakfast and lunch - AND eating like a big person too! lol she is an eater, just like Tre use to be, she will eat the house down. At some point tre turned picky but more than that the reason he doesnt eat well is because he doesn't sit down and take the TIME to eat. just like peeing his pants, if he is playing he doesn't want to take the time to stop and go pee so he will hold it until he can't hold it anymore, sometimes he makes it to the potty on time to erupt like a volcano and sometimes he has wet pants. UGHHH it's so annoying because i KNOW he knows when he needs to go. he holds it!! i KNOW this, HE knows this and HE KNOWS I KNOW THIS!! lol

my goal for this year is to get my kid out of my bed. and to get him to stop relying on diapers/pull ups at night and go to the damn bathroom!!!

he was arguing with me this morning about what clothes he doesn't want to wear etc. and i told him cooperate with me and i will cooperate with you it's a compromise. he walked away and yelled from the other bedroom... YOU CAH-LOP-AH-LATE WITH ME!!! im not your friend anymore! LOL i of course told him - i wasn't put here to be your friend i was put here to be your mom and keep talking to me like that and imma bust you up! LOL i love our little morning spats. if it's not trying to get him up, it's something about the clothes i have picked out. i mean COME ON it's preschool not a fashion show- the real problem is it's getting colder out and i want him to wear long sleeves, he feels like the sleeves should be well above his wrist, while i of course feel opposite in that regard. shaking my head!! these kids will be the death of me!

especially since kay has learned the steps. a couple of months ago she realized how fun the steps were but fell off the first step and bumped her head so it took her a little longer to actually try again. well... she is on a ROLL now. loves em. can't get down them. but loves them. she gets to the stop and sits there like - YAY look what i did. then cries to get down or GOD FORBID tries to go forward down them. mini heart attack!!!!

Kays bday is coming up in about 3 weeks, i can't believe she is already getting ready to be a flippin year old!! this year has freakin FLOWN by, im like in disbelief - denial!! like if i dont plan for the party it wont come. hahaha now im rushing around trying to get things done for it. ISUCK! it's a cupcake theme - was going to do princess but im sure i will have my fair share of those to come. Cupcake is fitting cause the girl likes to EAT, and she is my little Kaylin (Kay)kes
your my cuppycake gum drop schookums whookums your, the apple of my eye! :o)
anyway i gotta go there is work to be done.
sorry for my spacey rambling and bad grammar but that's how i roll yo!

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