Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Get Your Christmas Out of My Thanksgiving!

here it is the week before thanksgiving and of course the stores are flooded with Christmas stuff - even the radio is ALREADY playing Christmas music. I like Christmas just as much as the next man but REALLY!? can we celebrate one holiday at a time? I pretty much say this every year. i can't believe they already have Christmas stuff out.... i believe one year it was right after Halloween... like thanksgiving wasn't even a real holiday or something!!
Stop for a moment in all your gift buying, giving, drooling... and give thanks!
Be thankful and acknowledge all the things that you take for granted every day. like breathing. be thankful for your family, the annoying husband, the whining child, the jerk boss, it's these things that we take for granted on a daily basis.

Close your eyes... well read this THEN close your eyes and do it.
think about the one thing that matters most to you in this world. whether it's a person, a thing, a pet, a photo, a trinket WHATEVER it is, it is the one thing in this world you feel like you wouldn't be the same if you didn't have. you love it, you cherish it, you want to have it forever! now... remember that NOTHING is forever.

we say all the time... if i didn't have "this" I'd die. Well... NO, No you wont die... you would be heart broken but ultimately, life goes on, the world does not stop because you don't have this thing in your life anymore. you will move on and you will get by... nothing is forever, nothing stays forever, nothing lives forever and a moment never happens forever!

My point in all this is be thankful for your life at this very moment, don't live in the past, don't yearn for the future... NOW... this time right now is the only thing we have FOR SURE!

I am thankful:
that my mom has made a nice recovery and she is still around for a little while longer.
that my dad is seeking the help he needs to stick around for a little longer.
for my son - who showed me what true love really felt like and made me a mother
for my daughter - who showed me that my heart is a expandable
for my husband - who has been my best friend and significant other for over half my lifetime.
for the house we have made a home
for my in laws who treat me like one of their own. they are ALWAYS there for us when we need a little help - lord knows where we would be without them.
for my boss who gave me a job and treats me pretty damn well
for my daycare who treat my children like family instead of just daycare kids
for my sister who stayed with my mom at the hospital like she was her biological mother
for my brother who is in high school now and i pray for his decision making skills daily!
for my older sister (my dads side) because she has become a great mentor and friend and really does give me a wonderful example of genuine good person
for my camera, given to me as a bonus from my boss and is helping me bring a pinch more bacon to the table
for the people who have asked me to snap their photos
for the people who come to this office seeking divorce i think these people make me MORE thankful for my "situation" than anything because it is a constant reminder that... things are good for me... i have a "charmed" life and i should not take anything i have for granted.

with the passing of an old friends son and the close call with my mother... i think i have learned real quick to hug a little longer, hold on a little tighter and love a little harder!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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