Friday, December 9, 2011

Hair Cut bites

a hair cut has happened.... it was not with Kaylin or mom or dad... it was Tre.
Tre got a hair cut yesterday... nothing new, not a big deal in any way other than the fact that DAD cut Tre's hair.
Dad is not a hair stylist... or a barber!
This isn't going where you think it's going...
Dad was fixing the hair cut that TRE GAVE HIMSELF!!!

YES that's right... the 4 1/2 year old boy during craft time at school decided he was going to CUT OFF HIS WIDOWS PEAK...

he said i am sorry i did that, i wont do that ever again.
i asked him why he did and he said it was too big.
i said your hair was too big? he said yeah.


his poor teacher was freaking out. she kept saying i was going to kill her. lol i just told her its no big deal... kids do things like this... no worries.

don't have a picture cause mark took care of it while i was at zumba - he did a pretty good job.

KAYLIN: got bit at school 2 days ago for taking a toy away from another kid. she turned around and the other kid bit her in the back... BIG bite... almost broke the skin bite... which is now a huge bruise! :(

NEW THING she has been doing for the past week or so... when she is eating... she likes to give you kisses... you know how babies kiss... mouth wide open! yep FOOD EVERYWHERE! lol she is so stinkin cute cause she does it where ever she can reach... which happens to be your pant leg most of the time.

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