Tuesday, December 13, 2011

They are so funny!

Couple of days ago i am in the morning routine, trying to get Tre out of his bed to get his clothes on so i can get sister dressed and we can be on our way. he is giving me trouble, because he doesn't want to go to school and he wants to stay home and he wont get out of bed and get his clothes on he just keeps laying there. so i figured I'd go get sister out of her bed who is over there just sitting in her bed like a good girl. i walk over too her and when i reach down to pick her up she grabs her blanket and covers up with it as she is throwing herself on her pillow like, 'i don't want to get up' JUST LIKE BROTHER!! omg the two of them crack me up - mark and i being only children growing up really had/have no clue what sibling interaction is like or suppose to be but every time i see them interact and enjoy each others company it does the following:
1. makes me melt
2. makes me jealous that i didn't have a brother growing up lol of course that is a normal reaction because i have only child syndrome "everything is about me" haha

i mean... look at that picture - how stinkin cute are they? This was taking this weekend trying to pull together a Christmas card photo that we can give to people... it didnt work too well. it was cold even tho the sun was out and kay was tired and had been fighting naps all day and tre was crazy cracked out on (smh) i have NO CLUE what he was cracked about but yeah it was a total of 10 minutes of chaos! lol Tripod set up marked the spot with a golf ball and how awesome, they totally move out of the spot when they all come outside so i have to reset and refocus and kaylin is getting cranky and lol it was pretty much FUNNY! im sure that if the neighbors were watching us they were laughing too. but regardless of all that it really doesn't get any cuter than the two of them!! Those are my babies right there... your looking at the reason i call myself mommy and the whole purpose of my life. LOVE!

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  1. They are super cute!! Makes me happy to have a boy and girl too. :)